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Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan as played by Luke Youngblood, courtesy of Warner Brothers.Lee Jordan is a Gryffindor student two years older than Harry and Ron. He is a black boy with dreadlocks  (OP10) and is best friend and compatriot of Fred and George Weasley.

Born: circa 1978.
Hogwarts: Gryffindor (1989 - 96); commentated Quidditch matches until his graduation from Hogwarts.

When Harry was on Platform Nine and Three Quarters for the first time, he saw Lee with a box, showing the contents off to several squealing students. He had a huge hairy tarantula in the box (PS6). Lee commentates the Quidditch matches at Hogwarts, using a magical megaphone to make his voice heard all over the stadium. He does try to be impartial, but he has been known to pepper his commentary with his own personal opinions on everything from the model of broomstick someone is flying to the fact that Angelina Johnson won't go out with him  (PS11). Lee gets a bit carried away sometimes, particularly when Gryffindor is playing Slytherin and the green team cheats. McGonagall always stands by to take the megaphone away if he gets out of hand.

When the Weasley twins left Hogwarts, they left Lee in a bit of a funk. As a way of doing his bit for Dumbledore and also to fill the empty place left by Fred and George's departure, Lee levitated a couple of Nifflers up and through Umbridge's window. They proceeded to tear the place apart and attacked Umbridge when she walked in. Unfortunately, Umbridge blamed this on Hagrid and used it as a reason to get him sacked (OP32).

Two years after graduating, Lee resurfaced as the host of the subversive, funny "Potterwatch" along with Fred, Lupin and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Lee's code name is "River." (DH22).

Name associations: Jordan is a country in the Middle East bordered by Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria and Iraq. It is also an ancient, sacred river that flows from Lebanon into the Dead Sea. Metaphorically, the River Jordan symbolizes a crossing place into "the promised land," death. Probably the most famous reference to this is in the African-American spiritual "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore:"

Jordan's River is deep and wide, hallelujah.
Meet my mother on the other side, hallelujah.
Jordan's River is chilly and cold, hallelujah.
Chills the body, but not the soul, hallelujah.

In the movies
In the movies, Lee is played by Luke Youngblood (photo above).

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