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Which Wizard? Who's Who in the Wizarding world (banner graphic).

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Wizards with no surname

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Wixarding Families
The Black Family | tree
The Bones family
The Crouch family
The Diggory family
The Gaunt family
The Longbottom family
The Malfoy family
The Potter family
The Weasley family

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Character timelines
Magical Beings
Creatures (Bestiary)

Essay: Generations in the Wizarding World by Ebony (aka AngieJ)
Essay: The Changing Image of Grown-Ups by Elizabeth Dalton

Special character Lists.
Animagi Animagi
Author (icon). Authors in the Wizarding World
Blood status (icon). Blood status
Death Eater (icon). Death Eaters and their victims
Dumbledore's Army Dumbledore's Army ("D.A.")
Chocolate Frog Card Famous Wizard trading cards
Ghosts (icon). Ghosts
Castle. Hogwarts Founders
Castle. Hogwarts staff members
Castle. Hogwarts students
Inquisitorial Squad icon. Inquisitorial Squad
Ministry of Magic Ministry of Magic personnel
musicians Musicians & entertainers
Order of the Phoenix Order of the Phoenix
Quidditch broom icon. Quidditch teams
Slug Club (icon). Slug Club

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