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Hermione Granger

This timeline is no longer being updated. Please use the Timeturner for Hermione's dates.

1979 [Y-1]

  • September 19 - Hermione Granger born (JKR) to two Muggle dentists
1984 [Y4] - 1990 [Y10]
  • Hermione attends Muggle primary school.
1991 [Y11]
  • September 1 - Hermione meets Ron, Harry, and Neville aboard the Hogwarts Express
  • September 12 - first flying lesson for Gryffindors and Slytherins
  • September 19 - Hermione's 12th birthday
  • October 31 - Hermione is rescued from a Mountain Troll by Ron and Harry. The three become friends.
1992 [Y12]
  • first week of June - Harry, Hermione, and Ron follow Quirrell after the Philosopher's Stone, overcome the various protections, and defeat Quirrell/Voldemort's attempt to steal the Stone
  • September 1 - Hermione and her friends start their second year at Hogwarts
  • September 19 - Hermione's 13th birthday
  • October 31 - 500th Deathday Party for Nearly Headless Nick (CS8)
  • December 25 - Hermione takes Polyjuice Potion and accidentally transforms herself partially into a cat
1993 [Y13]
  • beginning of February - Hermione leaves the hospital, cured of cat whiskers and a tail
  • May 8 - Hermione petrified by the Basilisk
  • May 30 - Hermione cured of Petrification
  • summer - Hermione goes on holiday to France with her parents
  • August 31 - Hermione meets Harry and Ron in Diagon Alley. They are all staying at the Leaky Cauldron. Hermione purchases Crookshanks as an early birthday present for herself.
  • September 1 - Hermione and her friends begin their third year at Hogwarts, which is now surrounded by Dementors
  • Hermione is given a Time Turner by McGonagall and uses it to add hours to her day; she uses the extra time to take additional classes
  • September 19 - Hermione's 14th birthday
1994 [Y14]
  • June 6 - at sundown, Buckbeak is scheduled to be executed; Sirius Black is captured that evening and narrowly escapes suffering the Dementor's Kiss by riding to freeedom on Buckbeak, through the efforts of Hermione and Harry using the Time Turner
  • Monday, August 22 - Hermione attends the Final of the 422nd World Quidditch Cup. She is outraged by the fate of Winky and becomes passionate about elf rights
  • September 1 - Hermione and her friends start their fourth year at Hogwarts
  • September 19 - Hermione's 15th birthday
  • October 31 - November 24 - Ron and Harry have a falling out and don't speak to each other until after the First Task. Hermione spends this period trying to get the two to reconcile and helping Harry prepare.
  • December 25 - Yule Ball, 8 PM until midnight, Hermione's date is Viktor Krum. She ends the evening by having a blazing row with Ron about Krum.
1995 [Y15]
  • February 23 - Hermione is put into a Bewitched Sleep by Dumbledore and is carried to the bottom of the Lake to serve as one of the hostages for the Champions in the Second Task. She is brought to the surface the next day by Krum.
  • spring - Hermione researches magical methods of eavesdropping in an effort to deduce how Rita Skeeter is getting her information
  • June - Hermione captures Rita Skeeter in insect form
  • summer - Hermione spends her time at the headquarters of The Order of the Phoenix, 12 Grimmauld Place; the Weasley twins reveal the existence of Extendible Ears at some point during this period
  • August 31 - Hermione is made Prefect and sends Hedwig to her parents with the news
  • September 1 - Hermione travels to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express
  • September 19 - Hermione's 16th birthday
  • October 5 - first meeting of Dumbledore's Army in the Hog's Head
1996 [Y16]
  • June - Hermione takes O.W.L.s
  • June (after last O.W.L.) Hermione and others of Dumbledore's Army fly to the Ministry of Magic on thestrals, go into the Department of Mysteries, and fight a battle with a group of Death Eaters. Hermione is wounded, but survives.
  • July - Hermione receives ten Outstanding O.W.L.s and one Exceeds Expectations (that one was in D.A.D.A.)
  • September 19 - Hermione's 17th birthday