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Time Line: The Third Task

Chronology of the evening of June 24, 1995 [Y15]

compiled and annotated by Kryssy

7:00 - (approx. dusk) The Champions come to the maze.

7:15 - The champions enter.

8:00 - Fleur shoots up red sparks ("one champion down, three to go").

8:15 - Cedric shoots up red sparks for Viktor

8:35 - Cedric and Harry take the Portkey to the graveyard

8:40 - Cedric is murdered, Harry is tied to the tombstone.

9:00 - Voldemort is restored to his body, he calls for his Death Eaters and explains where Harry is.

9:35 - After dueling with V., Harry finally gets Cedric's body and the cup and is taken back to Hogwarts.

9:45 - Dumbledore has helped Harry stand and hands him over to the fake Moody before seeking out the Diggorys.

9:55 - Harry is taken to Moody's office, and is about to be murdered.

10:05 - D. and Co. are just in time to hex Moody off his desk and help Harry.

10:35 - Moody changes back into Barty Jr.; Snape and McGonagall return from their tasks, Snape with Winky and Veritaserum, McGonagall from bringing Sirius into Dumbledore's office.

11:15 - Repulsed by Crouch, Dumbledore leaves McGonagall to watch over Crouch and sends Snape off to fetch Madam Pomfrey to help the real Moody. Dumbledore and Harry proceed to his office to see Sirius and tell him what has happened.

12:15am - Dumbledore, Harry, and Sirius head to the hospital wing so Harry can rest.

1:15 - Harry wakes to find that a dementor has taken Crouch Jr.'s soul and that Dumbledore and Fudge are now arguing. At this point, Snape reveals that he was once a Death Eater.

2:00 - Sirius and Snape are sent out; Snape to go and do something that could mean his death while Sirius is told to regroup the old crowd. Harry falls back asleep.

© 2002 Kryssy

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