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Dudley Dursley




1980 [Y0]

June 23: Dudley Dursley born to Petunia Evans Dursley and Vernon Dursley (1)

1981 [Y1]

June 23: first birthday

November 1-2: Dudley learns the word "won't"; his cousin Harry Potter comes to live with the Dursley family (PS1).

1985 [Y5]

June 23: Aunt Marge comes to Dudley's fifth birthday party. She whacks Harry around the shins to keep him from beating Dudley at musical statues (PA2).

fall: Dudley starts primary school.

1985 - 1990 [Y5 - Y10] Dudley attends primary school. Dudley and his gang prevent other children from befriending Harry, since nobody likes to disagree with them. On one occasion while the gang was chasing Harry, Harry inexplicably wound up on top of the school kitchens (PS2).
1988 [Y8] June: Aunt Marge comes to Dudley's birthday party, bringing a computerized robot for Dudley and a box of dog biscuits for Harry (PA2).
1990 [Y10]

June 23: Dudley receives 38 presents for his birthday. In addition, his Aunt Marge comes to Dudley's 10th birthday party, bringing Ripper, her favorite bulldog. Harry accidentally steps on Ripper's tail and the dog "trees" him. Marge finally calls the dog off around midnight. Dudley gets a very good laugh out of this (PA2).



June 23: On his birthday, Dudley receives 37 presents (one less than the previous year), but his mother promises that she and his father will buy him two more presents during the day's special outing. She and Vernon take Dudley and his best friend Piers Polkiss to the zoo, as well as his cousin Harry. Dudley attempts to prevent this by pretending to cry in front of his mother, but stops when Piers arrives. Dudley later throws a tantrum when his knickerbocker glory doesn't have enough ice cream on it, and his father buys him another one. At the reptile house, Harry accidentally sets a boa constrictor on Dudley (PS2).

July 31, just after midnight: Dudley grows a pig's tail when Hagrid tries and fails to Transfigure him into a pig (PS4).

September 1: The tail is removed at a private hospital in London (PS6) (2).

September: Dudley starts at Smeltings.



July 31: Dudley taunts Harry about not even getting any birthday cards, and asks if he doesn't even have any friends at school (CS1).



June: Dudley receives a new television set to place in the kitchen so he doesn't have to interrupt his programs when he wants to get more food (PA2).

July 31: Aunt Marge comes for a visit to the Dursleys, giving Dudley a twenty pound note upon her arrival (PA2).



summer: Dudley goes on a diet, and at first cheats on it at every opportunity (GF3). However, over the next year Dudley becomes Junior Inter-School Boxing Champion of the South East (OP1).


summer: Dudley and his gang spend every evening hanging around the neighbourhood, smoking, vandalizing the play park, and throwing stones at cars and children (OP1).

July 31: Dudley and his gang beat up a 10-year-old neighbour, Mark Evans (OP1).

August 2: Harry picks a quarrel with Dudley, who retaliates, revealing that Harry has been talking in his sleep during his nightmares. The quarrel ends when Harry and Dudley are attacked by Dementors; Harry casts a Patronus Charm and saves Dudley from being Kissed (OP1).



July (a Friday) Dumbledore calls on the Dursleys at home to collect Harry, and during his visit remarks that at least Harry has escaped the appalling damage inflicted upon Dudley by his doting parents (HBP3).



July: Members of the Order of the Phoenix come to take the Dursleys to a safe house so they are not attacked by Voldemort's forces. Dudley surprises everyone by thanking his cousin Harry for saving his life and telling him that he will be worrying about Harry's safety.

[1] - Dudley's birthday is June 23. No, Rowling never said it specifically in book 1, but there are enough clues in the book to nail it down almost for certain.

Here's how we can tell.

Dudley's birthday is one month plus one week before Harry's. We know this because when Harry is given Dudley's second bedroom on Tuesday, July 24, he sees in it Dudley's "month-old" video camera.

"He sat down on the bed and stared around him. Nearly everything in here was broken. The month-old cine-camera was lying on top of a small, working tank Dudley had once driven over next door's dog..." (PS3)
Dudley got that camera for his birthday:
"...Harry and Uncle Vernon watched Dudley unwrap the racing bike, a cine-camera, a remote-control aeroplane..." (PS2)
So now we know that Dudley's birthday is about a month before July 24. How do we know that it's July 24? Count the days backwards from Harry's birthday, which we know was Tuesday, July 31. Each day is described in the books as more and more letters arrive. So Dudley's birthday is approximately one month before July 24.

In the year of the first book, Dudley's birthday was on a Saturday. Now if July 24 is a Tuesday, then the closest Saturday that qualifies is going to be June 23. That's within a few days of four weeks apart.

We can't be absolutely certain of the date only because we don't know if "month-old" is actually four weeks. If it was five weeks, Dudley's birthday could be June 16. If it's only three weeks, his birthday would be June 30. But the most logical conclusion is that Dudley's birthday is June 23.

[2] Q: How did the Dursleys explain away the tail when Dudley had to have it removed at the hospital?
JKR: They went to a private hospital where the staff was very discreet, and said that a wart had got out of control (Sch2).

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