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How to use the Explore Page

The Explore page allows you to delve into your selected Event and presents you with all the information and resources from the Lexicon related to your selected event.

Tagging events

  1. Do a search and pick an event you want to tag.
  2. Click on the event citation (ie: SS: chapter 11, pp. 181-182)
  3. Click the "Reference tools" tab, and under the staff tags look for "You have not created any tags for this record. Would you like to tag this?"
  4. Click "tag this," and a box for tags will appear.
  5. Type your tags, separating them with commas. Spaces are allowed. For example, I tagged Chapter 12 of Book 1 with: longing, love, memory, life, death

Marking favorite events

  1. Do a search
  2. Click on the gray heart Favorites icon (off). for every event you want to bookmark. If it turns red favorites icon (on), it has been saved to your account.

Created 6 May, 2007; last updated 7 May, 2007.