Canon Portkey - Help - Basic instructions
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Getting started - Your basic how-to

We tried to make this short and sweet. If you need more help click on the "more" links.

  1. Register your username and password so you can collect your favorites and add tags. (link to registration...)
  2. Search by keyword (for example, 'mirror,' or 'Slughorn'). The search will return a list of locations in canon that match your search. (more on searching...)
  3. Curious? Click on a page citation link and explore that reference in more detail. You'll get a customized listing of everything that is related to your search. Every related character, location, commentary, timeline, spell, fanart. Everything. Have fun! Explore! (more on exploring...)
  4. Tag or "favorite" everything of interest to you so you can get back to it later. (more on tagging...)
  5. Write us! We'd love to hear how you used the Portkey and if you have ideas for ways to extend it. Tell us about the bugs, too, and anything that confused you. Portkey feedback e-mail: [email protected]


Created 6 May, 2007; last updated 6 May, 2007.