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Hardy, Robert films
Born in October 1925 in Gloucestershire, England, Robert Hardy was cast as Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter films. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Harris, George films
Born in October 1949 in Grenada, West Indies, George Harris was cast as Kingsley Shacklebolt in the Harry Potter films. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Richard Harris as Dumbledore, PS/f

Harris, Richard (1930 - 2002) films
Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the first two films, was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1930. Information about Harris's film career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB Shortly before the London premiere of CS/f, Harris died of Hodgkin's disease on 25 October 2002. Additional biographical details can be located at WEB LINK - IMDB

Harris, Seán
Harris was Rowling's best friend from her days at Wyedean Comprehensive School and owner of a turquoise Ford Anglia that obviously provided the inspiration for Arthur Weasley's car. She has stated that much of her friend Seán can be found in the character of Ron Weasley, and she dedicated CS to: "Seán P. F. Harris, Getaway Driver and Foulweather Friend." Rowling remembers times when she and Seán would drive off in the Anglia and sit under the Severn Bridge, talking about life.

Rowling and Sean talking about their friendship:

JKR: It was at Wydean that I met Sean, which has been a very important friendship in my life - huge friendship in my life. I always felt a bit of an outsider and that might, perhaps explain why Sean and I were so close because he came in late, like me he didn't have a local accent, and so I think, to an extent, we both felt like outsiders in the place, and that probably formed quite a big bond between us. So this is Sean, to whom the second Harry Potter book is dedicated, and Ron owes a fair bit to Sean. I never set out to describe Sean in Ron, but Ron has a Sean-ish turn of phrase. He's always there when you need him, that's Ron Weasley. Sean was the first of my friends to pass his driving test. And, um, he had this old Ford Anglia, old claptrap Ford Anglia - turquoise and white - which is now quite famous as the car that the Weasleys drive. Well I was obviously going to give the Weasleys Sean's old car. And that car was freedom to us. And my heart still lifts when I see an old Ford Anglia, which is a bit sad. He was the coolest man in school. He had a turquoise Ford Anglia -

Sean: And of an evening she'd phone up and say, "Come pick me up," and I'd drive down there and we'd head off somewhere else in the car. So the car became -

JK Rowling: And sit under the Severn bridge

Sean: And sit under the Severn bridge or else where?

JK Rowling: And discuss life. And drink. It's a very sad life isn't it? This - this is what we thought was exciting when we were seventeen. We used to sit down here in a Ford Anglia. Yeah, those urban kids, they don't know what they miss (HPM).

Hedwig (1174-1243)
Hedwig is the name of one of the saints, which is possibly the inspiration for Harry's owl's name. Saint Hedwig was canonized in 1266. She is the patron saint of brides, the death of children, difficult marriages, victims of jealousy, and widows. Further information about her life can be found at: WEB LINK and WEB LINK

Heilman, Elizabeth E. author
Elizabeth E. Heilman is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Michigan State University and is the editor of WEB LINK - amazon.comHarry Potter's World: Multidisciplinary Critical Perspectives (RoutledgeFalmer 2003).

Henderson, Shirley films
Born in December 1965 in Fife, Scotland, Shirley Henderson was cast as Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter films, so at 35 she was the oldest actor cast to play a Hogwarts student.

In WEB LINK - IMDBBridget Jones's Diary she played Jude, who was always in the ladies' room crying about her boyfriend, much as Myrtle is always in her bathroom crying about how no one cares about her.

Further information about Ms. Henderson can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Herdman, Joshua films
Joshua Herdman was cast as Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter films. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Heyman, David films
David Heyman returned to the United Kingdom from a long career in Los Angeles in January 1997, having agreed to develop potential co-productions between Warner Bros. and his own independent company, Heyday Films. Heyman was one of the first to be interested in acquiring the film rights to Rowling's novels (reportedly within days of the publication of PS in 1997). However, the Christopher Little Agency was uninterested in rushing through that process (a wise move since the delay resulted in substantially greater financial payoff for Rowling and her representatives). In 1999, Christopher Little negotiated a deal with David Heyman and Warner Bros. In 2000, Heyman by chance met his friend Alan Radcliffe, a literary agent, at the theatre in the West End. Radcliffe had his son Daniel with him, and Heyman immediately believed that Dan Radcliffe "embodied the spirit of Harry" (SS_JKRB).

Highfield, Roger author
Roger Highfield is the author of WEB LINK - amazon.comThe Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works (Viking Books 2002). Highfield is the Science Editor at The Daily Telegraph (London), which has published several thousand of his articles since he first joined the newspaper in 1986. He studied chemistry at Oxford University where for his doctorate he became the first person to bounce a neutron off a soap bubble. He is a regular broadcaster on the BBC and has won several awards for journalism. He is also a member of the Royal Society Science in Society Committee. Dr. Highfield is also the author of WEB LINK - amazon.comThe Physics of Christmas: From the Aerodynamics of Reindeer to the Thermodynamics of Turkey. He is coauthor of three other books: WEB LINK - amazon.comThe Arrow of Time: The Quest to Solve Time's Greatest Mystery, a bestseller which has been translated into over a dozen languages; WEB LINK - amazon.comThe Private Lives of Albert Einstein, which has been translated into half a dozen languages; and WEB LINK - amazon.comFrontiers of Complexity: The Search for Order in a Chaotic World.

Houghton, John author
Author of WEB LINK - amazon.comA Closer Look at Harry Potter: Bending and Shaping the Minds of Our Children. (Kingsway Communications 2001), Houghton analyzes children's fantasy literature in the main, particularly the compatibility of this genre with religious teachings. Reviews on WEB LINK - are not particularly favorable.

HP Education Fanon, Inc. ("HPEF")
HPEF is a non-profit corporation formed to manage and oversee educational symposia relating to the Harry Potter phenomenon. HPEF sponsored Nimbus - 2003 in July 2003 in Orlando, and The Witching Hour (see). HPEF is also sponsoring Lumos - 2006, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in July 2006.

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