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JKR doesn't think of her work as traditional fantasy and admits to not reading much fantasy literature. "I don't read it; and it feels odd to speak of what I've written as fantasy. It's all set obviously in a very fantastical context, but some of the characters I think we've all met" ("From the dole to Hollywood," Elisabeth Dunn, The Electronic Telegraph, 2 August 1997). And, when asked in Sch2 about fantasy novels, JKR said: "In fact, I am not a great fan of fantasy books in general, and never read them!" But see Lewis, C.S., Pullman, Philip, and Tolkien, J.R.R..

Felton, Tom films
Born in 1987 in London, Tom Felton was cast in the role of Draco Malfoy for the Harry Potter films. Additional information about his life and career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Ferris, Pam films
Born in 1948 in West Germany, Pam Ferris was cast in the role of "Aunt Marge" Dursley for PA/f. Additional information about her life and career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Movie still of Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort Fiennes, Ralph films
Born in 1962 in Suffolk, England, Ralph Fiennes was cast in the role of Lord Voldemort for GF/f and OP/f. Additional information about his life and career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Ralph Fiennes on Voldemort: So how does one play the incarnation of evil? "Good Question," says Fiennes, laughing. "My inclination was to underplay it, but you can't underplay Voldemort. He is evil. What I wanted was a you-never-know-what-he'll-do-next quality. My nephews and nieces visited the set - they were quite taken aback. Probably because I was bald."
(Source: "The 122 People and Things We Love This Summer" [interview of Ralph Fiennes] Entertainment Weekly, 17 June 2005).

An honest-to-goodness error in the books has come to be called a "flint," after Marcus Flint, the Slytherin Quidditch captain who JKR inadvertently included in one book too many, making him an "eighth year" student. The term was coined by one of the members of the Harry Potter for Grown Ups list. Remarkably few genuine flints exist, considering the vast scope of the story.

Pronounced without the "w," Flitwick is a village in Bedfordshire. See WEB for further details.

Forbes List
JKR is regularly listed as one of the top most powerful celebrities on the periodic lists published by Forbes magazine.

Ford Anglia
Car owned by the Weasley family up until it fled to the Forbidden Forest near Hogwarts, it was inspired by the car owned by her school friend Sean Harris.

Forest of Dean
The village of Tutshill where JKR lived from 1974-1983 is situated right at the edge of the Forest of Dean and between the confluence of the Rivers Wye and Severn. The Forest of Dean [WEB LINK] is one of England's last remaining ancient forests, and it was designated as a National Forest in 1938. Bordered on the southeast by the River Severn and on the west by the River Wye (which also forms the border with Wales), this forest is rich with legends that would WEB LINKlikely been of interest to young Joanne Rowling.

Fraser, Lindsey Conversations with J.K. Rowling books and authors
Executive Director of the Scottish Book Trust, Fraser was enthusiastic about Rowling's work from the beginning. She interviewed Rowling for one of the Telling Tales series published by Egmont under their Mammoth Imprint, which was titled An Interview with J. K. Rowling and published by Scholastic in the United States as Conversations with J. K. Rowling. This interview is perhaps one of the most informative Rowling has yet given (SS_JKRB). and the book itself bears the phrase "The Only Authorized Biography of J. K. Rowling" on its cover.

Fry, Stephen
Stephen Fry narrates the audio versions of the Harry Potter novels sold in the United Kingdom. His authorized website, WEB, contains a wealth of information about Mr. Fry.

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