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Dahl, Roald books and authors (1916 - 1990)
Dahl is the author of several classic children's fantasy tales, such as WEB LINKCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, WEB LINKJames and the Giant Peach, and WEB LINKMatilda. JKR has been frequently compared with Roald Dahl, though not always favorably. JKR herself doesn't think the comparison stands up too fully: "And while I think Dahl is a master at what he did, I do think my books are more moral than his. He also wrote very overblown comic characters, whereas I think mine are more three-dimensional" (Ind1). WEB LINK is a comprehensive source of additional information about this author.

Dale, Emily films
Emily Dale was cast in the role of Katie Bell in PS/f and CS/f. Further information about Ms. Dale's life and career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Dale, Jim
Narrator of the audio versions of the Harry Potter novels sold in the United States, Jim Dale is a well-known Broadway star. Further details about his theater career and life can be found at WEB

Dartmouth College (New Hampshire)
JKR received her first honorary degree in June 2000 from Dartmouth College.

Davis, Warwick films
Born in Epsom, Surrey, England in 1970, Warwick Davis was cast in the role of Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter films. Further information about Mr. Davis's life and career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Deadman, Derek films
Born in London, England, Derek Deadman was cast as Tom in PS/f. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Dickens, Charles books and authors (1812-1870)
Dickens is a famous Victorian novelist whom JKR has cited among her favorite authors. Like Dickens, JKR has a penchant for names, creates truly memorable characters, writes serially, and enjoys widespread popular appeal. Dickens' novel A Tale of Two Cities has what Rowling terms the "most perfect last line of a book ever written" and is one of two books that she says will always make her cry (SS_JKRB). Vast online resources on Dickens' life and work exist, including WEB LINK

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable WEB LINK - amazon.comDictionary of Phrase and Fable
JKR cites this as a great source [WEB LINK -] for names (Scot2002).

A suburb of Manchester, England, where the Bournville Hotel is located (the locale where JKR invented Quidditch, see).

Doyle, Louis films
Louis Doyle was cast in the role of Ernie Macmillan in the Harry Potter films. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Doyle, Roddy books and authors
Doyle is JKR's favorite "living" author (AOK1). Doyle is cited as often as Jane Austen when Rowling is asked to name literary influences or favorite authors. Roddy Doyle was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1958 and each of his novels have enjoyed favorable critical attention as well as mass popularity. Further information about Doyle and his works can be found at WEB LINK - amazon.com

Located nine miles west of Birmingham in Worcestershire, the "Black Country" is centered around this town. This highly-industrialized area is notorious for pollution and general atmospheric bleakness. It is one possible source for Harry's cousin's given name.

A Gloucestershire village located approximately 25 miles north of Bristol. Situated on the edge of the Cotswolds escarpment, above the Vale of Berkeley and the River Severn, it is a picturesque village. Interestingly, a local manor house bears the name of Owlpen Manor. Rowling has admitted that the village of Dursley was the inspiration for the surname she gave Harry's relatives: "Dursley, the last name of Harry's aunt and uncle, is the name of an actual town in England. Just say the word to yourself. Doesn't it sound dull and forbidding?" (SLG).

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