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Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da (1573-1610)
Born Michelangelo da Merisi in 1573 in Caravaggio, Italy, this painter become known by the name of his birthplace. JKR has said that her favorite painting is "WEB LINKSupper at Emmaus" by Caravaggio (1600-01) in which Jesus reveals himself to his disciples, having risen from the dead. "I love it. Jesus looks very likeable --- soft and rounded - and the painting captures the exact moment when the disciples realize who this man is, blessing their bread" (Lindsay Fraser, WEB LINK - amazon.comConversations with J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, October 2001).

Cassidy, Steve
Principal of the Encounter English Schools in Porto, where Rowling worked during her time in Portugal in the early 1990s (Connie Ann Kirk, WEB LINKJ.K. Rowling: A Biography, Greenwood Press, 2003).

WEB LINKChepstow is one mile from Tutshill, the village where the Rowlings resided from 1974 onward. While Tutshill is located in the English county of Gloucestershire, Chepstow is located in Gwent County, Wales. Rowling attended primary school in Chepstow. Some of the street names in Chepstow bear names remarkably similar to those in Little Whinging, the fictional Surrey bedroom community where the Dursleys live (see the essay Echoes of the Past: Street Names of Little Whinging for details). Hagrid's dropped word-endings are characteristic of the speech of many locals in and near Chepstow ("WEB LINKHarry's Fame," Rosemary Goring, Scotland, 17 January 1999). Chepstow and Tutshill are separated by the Wye River.

Chepstow is also the location of Chepstow Castle, which is the focus of Gies and Gies' excellent reference book WEB LINKLife in a Medieval Castle because it is one of the best-preserved and most imposing medieval castles in Europe.

Chipping Sodbury
Although she has stated in interviews that she was born in the village of Chipping Sodbury, Rowling's birth record records her birth at Yate General Hospital on 31 July 1965. Chipping Sodbury [WEB LINK] is a more attractive village than current-day Yate, with its attractive 17th century buildings and upscale shopping. Chipping Sodbury ("chipping" means "cheeping" or buying/selling) is an old market town located east of Bristol.

Chowdhury, Shefali films
Shefali Chowdhury was cast as Parvati Patil in GF/f. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

The village of Chudleigh (perhaps the model for the Chudley of the Chudley Cannons) is located just to the west of Exeter, where Rowling attended university.

Church Cottage, Tutshill
Church Cottage, Tutshill
Church Cottage
Rowling's home in Tutshill from 1974 and throughout her childhood, Church Cottage was situated between St. Luke's Church and the Church of England Primary School of Tutshill. The cottage was originally the village school for Tutshill from 1848 until 1893.

Church of Scotland
JKR has said in several interviews that she attends the Church of Scotland [WEB LINK]. Since she gave her daughter Jessica a copy of Jessica Mitford's WEB LINK - amazon.comHons and Rebels for her "christening" gift, it may be inferred that Jessica was baptized in the Church of Scotland after JKR returned to the United Kingdom when Jessica was only three months old. One article explicitly says that Jessica Rowling was christened in an Edinburgh congregation of the Church of Scotland, though a specific church was not cited (WP1).

After finishing her studies at the University of Exeter, JKR took a flat in Clapham, a Southwest London neighborhood, with some friends for some unknown period of time. [WEB LINK] The famous train ride during which Rowling invented Harry Potter happened while she lived here:

That was...that was the kind of feeling I had getting off the train. As though I'd just met someone wonderful and we were about to embark on this wonderful affair. That kind of elation, that light-headedness and that excitement. And, um, so I got back to my flat in Clapham Junction and started writing. And I've now been writing for 10 years, so it's been a good affair. (HPM)
See also Clapham.

Cleese, John films
John Cleese, a well-known and respected British actor born in 1939 in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, plays the role of Nearly Headless Nick in the first two films. Cleese is perhaps best known for his roles in the Monty Python films. See WEB LINK - IMDB

Cockcroft, Jason
Cockcroft designed the cover art for the Bloomsbury edition of OP. "Jason Cockcroft is a highly talented illustrator. He has illustrated Billywise and The Little Blue Rabbit for Bloomsbury. He won the first-ever Blue Peter Award in 2000 with A Pilgrim's Progress. He lives in Addingham, West Yorkshire, England." [WEB LINK]

Colbert, David J. The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter books and authors
Author of WEB LINK - amazon.comThe Magical Worlds of Harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts (Lumina Press 2001) and of WEB LINK - amazon.comThe Magical Worlds of Narnia: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts (Berkley Books 2005). David Colbert is also the editor of Eyewitness to America, Eyewitness to the American West, Baseball: The National Pastime in Art and Literature, and World War II: A Tribute in Art and Literature.

Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle (1873-1954) books and authors
JKR admires the work of Colette, born in 1873 in Saint-Saveur-en Puisaye, Burgundy. Colette is said to be one of France's leading twentieth-century novelists. Critics generally divide her work into four phases: the Claudine novels, life in the theater, the politics of love, and reminiscences of youth and family. Dominant themes concern the difficulty of reconciling a woman's struggle for independence and self-realization with the insistent demands of physical passion and the inevitable requirements of adult relationships. Her better known works included WEB LINK - IMDBThe Pure and the Impure (1932), The Vagabond (1910), WEB LINK - IMDBCheri (1920), The Last of Cheri (1926), My Mother's House (1922) and Sido (1929). JKR has not mentioned any specific Colette novels in her interviews. [WEB LINK]

Coltrane, Robbie films
Cast at JKR's request in the role of Rubeus Hagrid in the films, Coltrane (born in 1950 in Rutherglen, Scotland) has had a distinguished and varied career as an actor. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Columbus, Christopher films
Born in 1958 in Spangler, Pennsylvania, Christopher Columbus has directed numerous films, including notably Mrs. Doubtfire and Home Alone, and had been the screenwriter of successful children's adventure films, such as The Goonies, Young Sherlock Holmes, and Gremlins. Columbus was signed to direct the first Harry Potter film for Warner Bros. on 27 March 2000 (SS_JKRB). Columbus was the director and executive producer of PS/f and CS/f (2001 and 2002, respectively) and served as a producer of PA/f released in 2004. Further information about Mr. Columbus' career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Columbus, Eleanor films
Born in 1989, Eleanor Columbus (daughter of director Chris Columbus) was cast as Susan Bones in PS/f and CS/f. Further information about Ms. Columbus' career can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

Comic Relief UK
Charity [WEB LINK] to which JKR donated the proceeds from sales of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2002), and Quidditch Through the Ages (2002). A spin-off from LiveAid, Comic Relief UK proceeds go primarily to fund famine relief in Africa.

Coulson, Christian films
Born in October 1978 in England, Christian Coulson was cast as Tom Marvolo Riddle in CS/f, although he was then several years older than the maximum age for actors being sought for the part. Further information can be found at: WEB LINK - IMDB

A small village in Kent and the name of a river in Essex. Either of these are a possible source of JKR's use of this surname in her novels.

Culpeper's Complete Herbal books and authors
Book which Rowling discovered when trying to find names of plants that sounded "witchy." In it she discovered flaxweed, toadflax, fleewort, goutwort, grommel, knot grass, and mugwort, among others. This famous book is an herbalist's guide published in England by Nicholas Culpeper in 1653. Current editions are available through [WEB LINK -].

Cunningham, Barry
Cunningham was the head of the Children's Book Division at Bloomsbury in 1996. He eventually negotiated with his firm to take on the publication rights to Philosopher's Stone for £1,500 ($2,250). He unfortunately did not have the budget to acquire the United States publication rights to this book and also lacked funds for any marketing. Cunningham left Bloomsbury before Rowling had submitted the draft manuscript of Chamber of Secrets (SS_JKRB).

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