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All Saints Parish Church
On 14 March 1965, Peter James Rowling and Anne Volant were married at All Saints Parish Church at Dalmeny Road & Tytherton Road in the Tufnell Park vicinity of greater London, near where Stan and Frieda Volant lived on Fairmead Road. Built in 1886, All Saints was bombed during World War II in 1944, restored in 1953, then deconsecrated and turned into flats in the mid 1980s. See WEB LINK for a map of the church's former location.

Almond, David books and authors
British author often cited by JKR when she is asked what other books she might recommend to readers. She particularly liked his book WEB LINK - amazon.comSkellig. His more recent book, WEB LINK - amazon.comThe Fire-Eaters, won the Nestle Smarties Prize Gold Award for 2003 and the Whitbread Children's Book of the Year Award 2003, both awards previously won by Rowling. The author's website at WEB has extensive information about his life and work.

Amnesty International
JKR worked for WEB LINKAmnesty International in London shortly after leaving Exeter University. She spent her two years there researching human rights abuses in French-speaking Africa.

Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays Anatol, Giselle Liza books and authors
Editor of WEB LINK - amazon.comReading Harry Potter: Critical Essays (Praeger Publishers, May 2003), Anatol is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Kansas. Dr. Anatol was one of the panelists for the "Publishing on Potter: Dodging the Bludgers" panel discussion at Nimbus - 2003. Further information about Dr. Anatol can be found at: WEB LINK

Arantes, Jorge
JKR married Jorge Arantes on 16 October 1992 in Porto, Portugal. JKR accepted a job teaching English in Porto in late 1991, and she met Jorge Arantes in a bar (Meia Cava) in March 1992. Their daughter Jessica Isabel Arantes was born 27 July 1993 in Porto. Their relationship was characterized by quarreling and discord, and after Arantes kicked her out of their house, Rowling returned to the United Kingdom with her infant daughter Jessica. She settled in Edinburgh, near her sister Di, in November 1993. The divorce between JKR and Arantes was finalized on 26 June 1995 (SS_JKRB).

Peter Rowling and Anne Volant met on a train from King's Cross Station in London en route to a military posting in Arbroath, Scotland in 1964. A very old port city, Arbroath is perhaps most well-known for being the site of the Declaration of Arbroath on 6 April 1320. From the Arbroath Abbey (founded by 1174), a group of supporters of Robert the Bruce petitioned Pope John XII to pressure English King Edward II to recognize Robert the Bruce as the legitimate King of Scotland. Arbroath is a trading port and has long had a thriving fishing industry. See also Arbroath.

Jane Austen Austen, Jane books and authors
JKR frequently cites novelist Jane Austen as her favorite author of all time (AOK1). WEB LINK - amazon.comEmma is Rowling's particular favorite, and she has said that it is a tightly-crafted mystery. Austen (1775-1817) is best known for novels: WEB LINK - amazon.comSense and Sensibility (1811), WEB LINK - amazon.comPride and Prejudice (1813), WEB LINK - amazon.comMansfield Park (1814), WEB LINK - amazon.comEmma (1815), WEB LINK - amazon.comPersuasion (1817), and WEB LINK - amazon.comNorthanger Abbey (1817). A good starting point for beginning Austen fans might be WEB

The 1995 WEB LINK - amazon.comfilm adaptation of Sense and Sensibility featured several actors who went on to play various roles in the Harry Potter films, including: Emma Thompson (who also wrote the screenplay), Alan Rickman, Gemma Jones, and Robert Hardy.

See also: Mrs. Norris

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