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Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

Members of this Department, also known simply as the Department of Magical Catastrophes, leap into action when magic spells go awry, particularly when magical effects are spotted by Muggles. The Department works in concert with other Departments to "clean up" the scene of any such event, modifying memories and undoing magical damage. If necessary, the Department will create alternate stories to feed to the Muggle press to keep the existence of the magical community a secret.

The Department operates teams which can respond at a moment's notice to a magical accident. These teams include:

Accidental Magic Reversal Squad
Also referred to as the Accidental Magic Reversal Department in earlier editions of the book, this team is the first on the scene when a magical accident or catastrophe occurs. The team will include trained Obliviators to modify memories of Muggles on the scene.

Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee
This group is responsible for creating alibis and providing alternative (non-magical) explanations for magical accidents to pass along to the Muggles.

Known Department personnel, past and present


none known

Other personnel:

Fudge was a junior minister in this Department c. 1981 and was one of the first on the scene when Pettigrew attacked Sirius Black and killed a number of Muggles (PA10).

Arnold Peasegood, an Obliviator (GF7, DP)

Main Offices

The main offices of the Department are located on level three of Ministry of Magic Headquarters (OP7). The offices include the headquarters of the Obliviators, witches and wizards trained in memory modification.


  • The pamphlet issued by the Department for recruiting students at Hogwarts was entitled: MAKE A BANG AT THE DEPARTMENT OF MAGICAL ACCIDENTS AND CATASTROPHES. (OP29)
  • Harry, when identifying himself as "Vernon Dudley" to the group of Snatchers, told them that his father worked for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Scabior responded that he thought there was in fact someone named Dudley in that Department (DH23).
  • Mentioned in the first WOMBAT test (JKR)

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