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Mugglenet vs. The Leaky Cauldron Trivia Contest
Lumos, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 30, 2006

Lexicon's command post at the Leaky Mug podcast, Lumos, 2006.  Photo by Lisa Bunker.


  • For each round, Steve announced the category, and 3 contestants from each team came forward to compete. 
  • Once the question is read they had 10 seconds to buzz in.  The team that buzzes in first then had 10 seconds to give their answer. (They were allowed to consult each other.)
  • If their answer was correct they earned one point for their team.  If the answer was incorrect, the other team had 10 seconds to give their answer.
  • Questions could come from Harry Potter canon, but also from any magical book or movie.

Test me! | Answer key

Who won? The Leaky Cauldron staff won, answering 19 questions correctly to Mugglenet's 12.