Visitor's Guide to Hogwartsupdated for book seven

Staff members
past and present

"D'you think we've got nothing better to do in Potions than listen to Snape?"
     -- Ron Weasley

At Hogwarts, a staff of about fourteen teachers apparently handles classes for hundreds of students. Any way you look at it, that's a lot of classes for a few staff members.

Known Headmasters:
Black, Phineas Nigellus (c. 1800s?) Dilys Derwent ( 1741 - 1768) Armando Dippet (c. 1940)
Everard (dates unknown)
Dexter Fortescue (dates unknown)
Albus Dumbledore (c. 1970-1997)
Dolores Umbridge (1996)
Severus Snape (1997-1998)
Minerva McGonagall (1998 ff.)

Babbling, Bathsheba
Ancient Runes

Binns, Cuthbert
wizard, the only ghost teacher
History of Magic

Burbage, Charity
Muggle Studies (until July, 1997)

Carrow, Alecto
Muggle Studies (1997-1998)

Carrow, Amycus
Defence Against the Dark Arts (as the Dark Arts) (1997-1998)

Dumbledore, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian
Headmaster (c.1970 - June 1997)
Transfiguration c.1940s

On staff since 1996, the only centaur teacher

Flitwick, Filius
Head of Ravenclaw House

Grubbly-Plank, Wilhelmina
temporary - Care of Magical Creatures (January, 1995; September-October 1995)

Hagrid, Rubeus
Care of Magical Creatures (September 1993-present)
Keeper of the Keys and Grounds

Kettleburn, Silvanus
Care of Magical Creatures
(early 20th century through spring 1993, when he decided to retire and spend time with his remaining limbs)

Lockhart, Gilderoy
Defence Against the Dark Arts
1992- 1993

Longbottom, Neville

c. 2017 (DH/e)

Lupin, Remus
Defence Against the Dark Arts
1993- 1994

McGonagall, Minerva
Deputy Headmistress
Headmistress 1998 ff.
Head of Gryffindor House
On staff since December of 1956 (OP)

Moody, Alastor "Mad-Eye"
Defence Against the Dark Arts
1994- 1995
The real Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody did not serve on staff, although this was not discovered until June, 1995. The teacher everyone thought was Moody was actually Barty Crouch Jr. in disguise. Still, the real Mad-Eye is counted as a spectacular example of the jinx on the Defence Against the Dark Arts job.

Quirrell, Quirenus
Defence Against the Dark Arts
1991 - 1992
Muggle Studies
before 1990 - 1991

Sinistra, Aurora

Slughorn, Horace
Head of Slytherin house
c. 1930 - 1980, 1996-97

Snape, Severus
Potions 1980-June 1996, Defence Against the Dark Arts 1996-97, left June 1997, Headmaster 1997-1998
Head of Slytherin House
On staff since 1981 (or very late 1980) until summer 1997, became Headmaster 1997-1998

Sprout, Pomona
Head of Hufflepuff House

Trelawney, Sibyll
On staff since late 1979 or early 1980

Umbridge, Dolores Jane
Defence Against the Dark Arts (1995-6)
Headmistress (1996)

Vector, Septima

Extracurricular Teachers and Other Hogwarts Staff

Filch, Argus

Hooch, Madam
Flying teacher, Quidditch referee

Pince, Irma

Pomfrey, Poppy
School nurse

Twycross, Wilkie
Apparition instructor from the Ministry of Magic

Former staff members

Beery, Herbert
Herbology, volunteered to direct Christmas pantomime based on "The Fountain of Fair Fortune" (TBB/FFF)
(early 20th century)

Black, Phineas Nigellus
headmaster, c. 1800s?

Derwent, Dilys
headmistress, 1741 - 1768 (OP22)

Dippet, Armando
Headmaster c. 1940

former, celebrated headmaster, dates unknown (OP21)

Fortescue, Dexter
former headmaster, dates unknown (OP21, DH36)

Merrythought, Galatea
Defence Against the Dark Arts c. 1940s (HBP23)

Groundskeeper (Molly Weasley's era, c. 1960s)

Pringle, Apollyon
caretaker (Molly Weasley's era, c. 1960s)

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Interesting Quotes by Rowling about the staff

Q: Have any of the Hogwarts professors had spouses?
JKR: Good question - yes, a few of them but that information is sort of restricted - you'll find out why. (CR)

Unfortunately, Rowling never got around to telling us why in the books. She revealed on Pottermore, however, that McGonagall was married to a Muggle. She is now widowed.

the ratio of male to female staff members at Hogwarts

(I)n fact, if you look at the Hogwarts' staff - I had this discussion with someone the other day - it is exactly 50/50. Although it is true that you do have a headmaster as opposed to a headmistress, but that has not always been the case. As you will find out, there have been equal numbers of headmistresses (CBC).