Visitor's Guide to Hogwarts finished through book seven

Students and Houses

essay: How Many Students are there at Hogwarts?





other students (House not determined)
Bundy, K. (QA)
Capper, S. (QA)
Dorny, J. (QA)
Dobbs, Emma (1994 - 2001) (GF12
Dunstan, B. (QA)
Gudgeon, Davey - almost lost an eye to the Whomping Willow (c. 1970s) (PA10)
Hornby, Olive (c. 1940s) teased Myrtle
Jorkins, Bertha (1969-1976) 2 years ahead of the Marauders
MacDonald, Mary (1970s) - possibly a Gryffindor (DH33)
Midgen, Eloise (1990s) (GF22) tried to charm away acne, likely in Hufflepuff
Moon (1991 - 1998) (PS7)
Perks, Sally-Ann (1991 - 1998) (PS7)
Derek (1993 - 2000) stayed over Chistmas holidays (PA11)