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Knight Bus Tours

"Just stick out your wand hand, step on board, and we can take you anywhere you want to go. "
     -- Stan Shunpike

In the mood for an adventure? Step aboard one of our Knight Bus Tours to explore the Lexicon in a whole new way. Each tour will take you to across the Lexicon world - not only to popular hang-outs, but also to some more out-of-the-way places. Choose a tour, hop on, and give the conductor your eleven sickles - and for fourteen, you get hot chocolate!

This icon will guide you through your tour. If you roll you cursor over the bus, the conductor's commentary will appear. You can click the bus to go to the next stop, or use the controls below the bus to navigate the tour.
takes you to the start of the tour
takes you to the previous stop on the tour
takes you to the next stop of the tour
takes you to the last stop on the tour
explains what this tour is about

Current Tours

C Line: The Classical Tour
Conductor: Clint Hagen, Lexicon Tours Manager

"What does this mean, Albus?"
     -- Minerva McGonagall

You've probably heard that there are a lot of references to ancient mythology in the Harry Potter series, and that a lot of the names of spells, potions, places, and people are derived from Latin or Greek. Find a seat and hold on tight! This tour of the classical influences on the Harry Potter series covers quite of bit of time as well as distance! Just click on the bus icon to start your journey. You can use the controls to navigate the tour, or just click on the bus to go to the next stop. Don't forget to roll your mouse over the icon at each stop to see my commentary.

G Line: The Gazetteer Tour
Conductor: John Kearns, Lexicon Staff

"Turning southwest! We want to avoid the motorway!"
     -- Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody

The Lexicon's newest section is up and running, with over 350 places listed. You'll probably visit some of your favorite places from time to time, but one of the things we love about the Lexicon is the detail - so this tour will take you on some of the lesser-known back roads, show you some things you otherwise might have missed, and hopefully help you learn just a little bit more about the wizarding world.

The Harry Potter Lexicon
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