The Lexicon Pensieve - What it is and how to use it!

What this is NOT:

The Pensieve is not the same as a typical comment feature. It is not there so that we can read your compliments or complaints about the Lexicon, although we always appreciate your input through our Forum or email. It isn't not there so you can race each other to have the "first comment" or be in the "top ten." You may be accumstomed to this sort of commenting on other websites, but that's not what the Pensieves are for. We do not value a lot of comments. We value a few excellent ones.

What this IS:

The Pensieve is intended to be a lively, intelligent supplement to the content of the page on which it appears. It is intended to provide you with an opportunity to provide input and additional information about selected topics. We will include a Pensieve on a page when we would like to get thoughtful, CANON-BASED comments to help us as we research the content of the Lexicon. There won't be a lot of Pensieves on the Lexicon. If you're dying to discuss a topic that we don't have a Pensieve on, feel free to go over to the Lexicon Forum or the Leaky Lounge and have at it.

What this means for you:

We will be monitoring the comments left in the Pensieves. We will actively delete comments to keep the Pensieve easy to read and concise, so don't be hurt if your comment doesn't remain in the Pensieve for a long time. MOST COMMENTS WILL PROBABLY BE DELETED OVER TIME. We might leave a Pensieve in place on a page indefinitely if we find that the comments are a good supplement to the content of the page. On the other hand, we might remove a Pensieve after a certain amount of time if we feel that discussion has run its course.