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If you have problems logging into The Harry Potter Forums, please try the alternate solutions provided at the bottom of this page under the heading of 4. Forum Problems

Levels of Access

We have three levels of access on our Forum:

Guest: This means you are not registered with World Crossing or the Forum; you can only read messages.
Read Only: This means you have registered with World Crossing and have visited the Forum's main page (your name will appear in our 'Read Only' list); you can only read messages.
Participant: This means you have registered with both World Crossing and the Forum (your name has been moved to our 'Participants' list); you can post messages.

Your Forum Usage Options

1.View the Forum

You can view the Forum as a guest, without registering with our server (World Crossing) and us, the Lexicon Forum. This means that you will only be able to read messages. You do not have to submit any information to World Crossing or to us to view the Forum in this way.

2. Join the Forum

You can join the Forum and be able to post by following a simple two-step process.

Step 1: Register with World Crossing. (Visit their homepage, click "log in", and then "register". Then create a profile.)
Be sure to visit the Forum after you register.

Step 2: Register with the HP Lexicon Forum. (Visit the 'Philosophy of this Forum' thread, read the Philosophy, and follow the instructions in the first message.)

After that all you have to do is wait for a welcoming email from the Hosts telling you that you've been made a full participating member of the Forum. You have to register with both World Crossing and the Forum because we have multiple lists. When you register with World Crossing and go to the Forum's page, you go onto the 'Read Only' list (this means you can only read messages). When you register with the Forum, you're name is moved onto the 'Participants' list (this means you can post). This way we can keep out those who might come onto the Forum just to cause trouble (Trolls) or those not really interested in discussing Harry Potter (which our Forum is about).

NOTE: You must provide World Crossing with a valid email address, but they will not provide your e-mail address or other personal information about you to any third party. We also require a valid email address where you will receive email for the duration of your membership. There is an option to hide your email address from fellow members in your forum account preferences. Only the Hosts of this Forum will be allowed to view your email if you choose this option. Our Hosts use emails only to contact members regarding status and posting.

3. Forum F.A.Q.

Peruse the Frequently Asked Questions about the Forum.

4. Forum Problems

World Crossing (the host of our Forums) has been experiencing major and multiple server problems during the last few months. The problems have been caused by a number of situations and are completely unannounced. I have provided some possible available links below in case you encounter problems in visiting the Lexicon Forums.

Harry Potter Lexicon FanFiction Forum. and use the temporary thread, Temporary Chat Thread While Lexicon Forum is Down, to provide some relief for our membership. From this Forum, you can check on the status of your regular forums, including the Lexicon Forum, by clicking on "Your forums".

wc2 Your Forum page server has been least affected by the problems and use it to check World Crossing's status in case the FanFiction is down. - Kip Carter 5:54am PDT Monday 25 September 2006

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