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Harry Potter Lexicon Forum FAQ

Last Change - 12:54am EST Monday 2 October 2006

What is a 'post', a 'thread', or a 'folder'?
• A post is a message.
• A thread is group of posts (messages) all relating to the same topic, (e.g. the Harry Potter thread, the Ron Weasley thread, etc.).
• A folder is a group of threads all relating to the same general area, (e.g. the Present Students at Hogwarts folder, the Hogwarts Staff Members - Past and Present folder, etc.).

How do I upload an avatar / portrait next to my name?
You have to have the picture saved to your hard drive, and it must be 10K or less to work with World Crossing's system.
Go to "Change password or preferences" under your name on the right in the teal colored tool bar.
Then if you scroll down, you'll see "Upload a new portrait (optional):" and a little button that says "Browse".
Click this button and find the file on your computer. This will upload the picture, though you may not see a change yet.
Then scroll down and click the "OK" button at the bottom of the page. This will show you your new preferences, with portrait....

How do I start a new thread? What are the rules?
To start a new discussion click 'Add Discussion' in the teal tool bar toward the top of your browser window.
Just type in the name of the thread (please make it relevant to the topic) and then post your post.
There aren't many rules for a thread. All we ask is that, if at all possible, try to fit a topic in an already existing thread. We have so many threads to keep track of that, for both purposes of reading and administrating, it is easier to attempt to keep the number down as much as possible.
Try the search function first to see if your topic is already being discussed somewhere (click 'Search' in the teal toolbar and type in some key search words relevant to your topic).
When in doubt, post the thread and in will either be moved into an appropriate folder or, if the topic belongs elsewhere, the post will either be moved or a Host will ask you to move it.

Why do I need a working email account to be a member? Who's going to be emailing me?
Our Hosts use emails to correspond with members when there is a problem on the Forum regarding their posts. This doesn't happen often. Our Hosts prefer to use emails when communicating with members about problems rather than to make problems public by posting about them somewhere on the Forum. This helps to keep our family-like atmosphere and, hopefully, will help prevent embarrassment or hurt feelings on the part members. Our Hosts also use email to inform members about status changes, if one is warranted (i.e. "Read Only" to "Participant" in the first welcoming email, or "Participant" to "Moderated" in the case of problem posters).

What is "Moderated" status? Why might I be placed on "Moderated" status?
Having "Moderated" means that you can post but that it won't appear immediately on the Forum, as it does when you have "Participant" status. The post will be have to be read, approved, and released by a Host before it can appear on the Forum. A member might be placed on "Moderated" status if they repeatedly make posts not fitting with the "Philosophy of this Forum", i.e. posting using bad language, Netspeak, inappropriate topics, etc. Most members are changed back to "Participant" after a short period of time on "Moderated" status where their posts have shown that they are posting within "Philosophy of this Forum" once again.

If I have problems joining the Lexicon Forum, who should I contact and where?
The Harry Potter Lexicon Forums are hosted on the World Crossing forum system. If you are experiencing problems with becoming a member of the World Crossing system, you need to contact the System Operators at World Crossing. Presently the administrative problems are handled by Sysop Judy. If you have problems joining the Lexicon Forums, please contact us at Lexicon Forum Hosts.


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