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Hogwarts: An Owl's-eye View

Hogwarts - owl's eye view

This incredible painting was created by Michael Bramman, a well-known British illustrator. Mr Bramman was called in by The Sunday Times Magazine to paint what he calls "an owls-eye view" of Hogwarts as seen in the films. Here's what Mr Bramman says about working on this project:

"Through the Sunday Times Magazine I went to meet Stuart Craig the production designer for the Harry Potter films at Leavesden Studios. Originally an aerodrome, the hangar's now used as studios and the old control tower as part of the administration offices and workshops.

The first film had been completed and production was starting on the second. I was told that the set for the school still had the lighting set-up and a crane was available to enable me to get above the set for to take the photos I needed. The brief was to produce a painting showing an ariel view, or owls eye view as I thought of it, so the magazine could designate the major areas where the action takes place. Unfortunately there were no lights, no crane or any way of getting above the set which was surrounded by a high wire fence. There was a gap that we were able to squeeze through which gave access to the front of the set. I was given some production stills and blueprints but the problem was really solved by finding a cardboard model which had enough of the of the basic elements to give me an idea of the school in its entirety. So problem solved." (source: email from artist, 1/19/2004)

Mr Bramman was never shown the original map drawn for Stuart Craig by Rowling, so he can't say whether this arrangement for the castle comes from that map. He says, "I have never seen Rowling's map. I suppose the designer would have incorporated all the main elements and locations. The copyright of the painting is mine. All visual aids given me by the studio are copyrighted by MGM."

He has kindly given his permission for the two images on this page to appear here on the Lexicon. The original painting, seen above, is copyrighted to Michael Bramman and used with permission. The image below is copyrighted to The Sunday Time Magazine and is also used with permission. A selection of signed A3 (9.07 X 42. cm.) prints on quality heavyweight matte paper are available.  £50. pp UK included. The Special Edition of the Harry Potter painting commissioned for The Sunday Times Magazine. "Hogwarts and All" at £75. pp UK included. For more information, visit WEB LINK

marble staircase lined with magical portraits Professor Dumbledore's office Black Lake Great Hall Boathouse corridor to Gryffindor common room Harry and the Gryffindor boys' dormitory flying lessons Quidditch stadium Whomping Willow Dark Forest Hagrid's hut HOGWARTS AND ALL This work of art is a real collector's item. Commissioned exclusively for the Sunday Times Magazine on the set of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, it is the very first glimpse of how the film's designers, inspired by J.K. Rowling, conceived Hogwarts school for wizards, and the only existing guide to the building and its grounds. Painting by Michael Bramman.

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