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Atlas of Wizarding Britain
Atlas of Wizarding Britain

King's Cross
Location of Grimmauld Place

King's Cross Station is the location of platform nine-and-three-quarters. In addition, since number twelve Grimmauld Place is located within a twenty minute walk of King's Cross, it must be located within about a mile of the station. This map shows the area around King's Cross Station, approximately one mile in each direction. Not surprisingly, Grimmauld Place is not labeled. However, St. Pancras Hospital for Tropical Diseases does appear on this map, the name of which is strikingly similar to St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. They are not the same hospital, of course, but it is certainly possible that St Pancras suggested the name for St Mungo's.

King's CrossKing's CrossKing's Cross
King's CrossKing's CrossKing's Cross
King's CrossKing's CrossKing's Cross

This map appears with the kind permission of WEB

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