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J. K. Rowling's Website (JKR)

On May 15, 2004, Jo's website, http://www.jkrowling.com, became a Harry Potter fan's dream: a direct connection to the author herself. Over the months that followed, Jo used her site to provide inside information about the books, about her writing, and about Harry Potter's world. As new facts are revealed, the Lexicon will incorporate them. Some facts are quick to add--Molly Weasley's birthday, for example--while others take a bit more work. The revelation about Charlie and Bill Weasley's ages required a massive four-day reworking of the entire timeline, for example. Facts which come from Jo's site are marked in the Lexicon with the abbreviation (JKR).


The following guide was written just after Rowling's site first opened, May 15, 2004. It's not up to date with the latest additions and secrets, but it will give you a head start as you explore.

JKR's Website: A Complete Guide
--Guide produced by Joywitch M. Curmudgeon

Until very recently, JKRowling.com was a list of links to my publishers - boring, I think you'll agree. So I thought I'd liven it up a little.

--J.K Rowling

The following L.O.O.N ( The League of Obsessed Nitpickers ) guide to JKRowling.com is aimed at providing Harry Potter fans with information about how to navigate, find clues, view special information etc. on JKR's site. This guide does not tell you how to find the hidden suprises placed around the site nor does it discuss new clues about the books that JKR has given us, but is more encouraged on allowing fans to explore JK Rowling's wonderful web page to its full potential.


The main page is JKR's desk.  On it are several portkeys which take you to other parts of her office, several other items that can be opened and read, and a few other things.  The portkeys and the readable items all make a tinkling sound when you pass the cursor over them. When you click on a portkey, it will transport you to another part of JKR's office (each one is detailed below).

The portkeys make a nice swooshing sound. There are background sounds (which you can hear anywhere in the office) of a barking dog (who always barks when a portkey is being used), and what sounds like occasional cars passing by and honking horns, and maybe a doorbell. Each part of JKR's office has a resident bug which flies away when you move the cursor over it, and lots of spider webs.

If you hang around long enough, you will hear a windy sound which indicates that Peeves is visiting the section of the office you are in. On the Main Page, Peeves will knock over the pen holder, the watch will turn to a wizard's watch, and a doxy will fly across the desk.

*Coffee Cup – takes you to EXTRA STUFF (bulletin board)
*Pen – takes you to LINKS (bookshelf)
*Key – takes you to FAN SITES (shelf with trophies)
*Hairband – takes you to a screen with no name (door with Do Not Disturb sign)

(The readable items make various paper and book-related noises when you open and close them.)
*Newspaper – opens to the News section
*Tabloid – opens to the Rumors section. This section includes advertisements for various wizard businesses: The Quibbler (Fudge Forced to Flee!), a Celestine Warbeck concert (no muggles allowed, alas), Borgin & Burkes, an Muggle-Deterring Gate, and Magi-Me-More
*Scrapbook – when you solve a puzzle, the goodie you receive stays here
*Index File – flips over to Wizard of the Month. Click on this for details.
*FAQs – clicking on the paperclips makes the paper clips form a question mark with a metallic sound, and several envelopes and feathers appear on the desk. Click on any envelope to get the FAQs. Note that although there are 3 envelopes, the FAQs actually include 4 sections.
*Calendar – gives you JKR's biography.  Lots of cool pictures, including one where JKR's eyes blink

*Cell phone – You can click on the keys and make numbers appear with cell phone noises.  Sometimes it will ring and JKR will say hello to you.
*Butterfly – sometimes blue, sometimes yellow
*Light Switch (computer monitor switch?) – turns the light on and off
*Notepad with welcome message
*Watch – keeps the actual time on your computer's clock
*Miscellaneous items – JKR's wedding photo, floppy diskettes, lots of gum wrappers, keyboard, papers with scribblings

Clicking on the coffee (tea?) cup on the right side of the screen brings you to JKR's bulletin board..  The coffee cup will land with a clunk to the left of the bulletin board when you first arrive.  Click on that cup to get back to the Main Page.  The resident bug is a fly.

The bulletin board has lots of interesting items on it, including a piece of paper which lists the Extra Stuff items (Edits, Characters, and Miscellaneous), a lot of business cards (mostly for car services, but one for her agent, Christopher Little), a picture of JKR's husband, a seemingly blank piece of paper, a shopping list, a picture of a dog, a classified ad from the Manchester Evening News for a volume of Wizards Spells, a drawing of an owl, a drawing that looks like it might be the Hogwart's crest, a note to call Fiddy (JKR's assistant) before tea, some leaves, and several papers with scribblings (one about the various houses of Hogwarts).

There is also a pen on a string, what looks like an eraser (rubber), and radio which you can turn on and off.  If you turn the radio on, you can hear it everywhere in the office.  Eventually, someone will come along and turn it off.  After a while, you will hear someone cough and then turn it on again.

When Peeves comes by, the pen on the string swings, the tack holding the STREET CARS card come out and the card falls down.

Clicking on the pen in the lower right brings you to JKR's bookshelf.  The pen will land with a clunk to the in the cup when you first arrive.  Click on that pen to get back to the Main Page.  The resident bug is a butterfly.

There are two shelves of books, and you can see little bits of two more shelves.  Some of the books open to tell you about various things associated with the HP books or JKR's other interests.  The linking books are: Christopher Little Literary Agency, Press and Publishers, the Warners Brothers Harry Potter Web Site (the only link which actually takes you to another website), One Parent Families, the MS Society of Scotland, and a list of all of JKR's publishers.  There is also a book with a question mark on it, several books of Wizard Spells and other magical topics, two books by Roddy Doyle (The Commitments and The Van), World Mythology, three books of Fairy Tales (one by E. Nesbit), Children's Stories, Short Stories, two Dorothy Sayers books, The Little White Horse (JKR's favorite book as a child), I Capture the Castle, three Jane Austen books (Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice), the Writers and Artists Yearbook, Manx Mouse by Paul Gallico (sp?), Katherine Mansfield and Grimble by Clement Freud.

There are also some pictures (note that the birds are flying), an inkwell, a locked box, a candle, and a bookmark.

When Peeves comes by, the bookmark flutters and the candle goes out.

Clicking on the gold key in the middle of the desk you to JKR's trophy shelf. A parchment will fall on the right and the key will fall on the left (each with a slight thud) and hang from the shelf when you first arrive. Click on that key to get back to the Main Page. The resident bug is a spider.

There a two shelves (and part of a third) of trophies and several parchments. Pulling the tassle which says "ABOUT" in the upper left reveals a parchment which tells you about the fan sites award. Clicking on the Latest Winner trophy opens the parchment, which tells you about the fan site which is the current winner.

There are first and second place ribbons, two oval medals with question marks, three empty oval boxes, a non-working (at the moment) archive trophy, a feather, a trophies for Bellatrix Black (Villainess of the Year?), Harry Potter (well, someone whose name starts with HA, anyway), Lily Evans, Percy Weasley (Most Pompous?), Sirius Black, Frank Longbottom, and two each for James Potter and Tom Riddle.

When Peeves comes by, the ribbons flutter and the first place ribbon falls off the shelf.

Clicking on the hairband next to the key brings you to a mysterious part of the office identified only with a question mark. The hairband lands with a slight thud on the table on the left, next to a vase with some daffodils in it.

There is a window on the left with either a day or night scene (depending on the time on your computer's clock) and some wind chimes. You can see clouds roll by, the wind chimes blow, birds flying during the day and shooting stars at night. There is an oval mirror on the right, in which you can see two closed doors, and open doorway, and a burning candle. In the middle is a large door with a Do Not Disturb sign. If you move the cursor over the door handle, it moves up and down. There's also a light switch which you can use to turn the lights on and off.

When Peeves comes by, he writes on the mirror and knocks over the vase.


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