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"More idle jottings (Page 1)"

Page editor: Belinda Hobbs

The following is a transcription of "More idle jottings (Page 1) ", one of the Potterania extras stored in your Scrapbook. For instructions on finding this extra click here.

Contains a list of Subjects, genders, and teachers' names – 12 total, 6 male, 6 female
Note: This is confirmation that JKR uses the abbreviation D.A.D.A.; Flying lessons is not a listed subject.
Also contains musings on names for Arithmancy and Divinations teachers, Hippogriffs, etc. and an early chronological chart of the D.A.D.A. position.

The Certificate reads:
"More idle jottings…. An attempt (circa Prisoner of Azkaban) early to finalise the names and genders of the teachers at Hogwarts.  Also playing around with some names for hippogriffs – still a long way from Buckbeak."

Transfiguration F Prof. Minerva McGonagall
Charms M Prof. Filius Flitwick
Potions M Prof. Severus Snape
Herbology F Prof. Pomona Sprout
D.A.D.A. F to M Prof. Remus Lupin
Astronomy F Prof. Aurora Sinistra
History of Magic M Prof. Cuthbert Binns
Divination F to M Prof. ##  Mopsus etc.
Study of Ancient Runes M to F Prof. Bathsheda xxxx [blotted out]Babbling
Arithmancy F Prof. Septima Vector
Care of Magical Creatures F to M Hagrid Rubeus Hagrid
Muggle Studies M to F Prof.

(In the margin)

Septima us
Vecta or
The fates
The Furies

Hippogriffs Stormswift

    Gibberish Gobbledegook
    also check tongues/languages Greek etc
Mylor Silvanus

Rosmerta "good purveyor" ? 
village woman?

  1. Quirrell
  2. Lockhart
  3. Lupin
  4. Pettigrew
  5. Mylor person. Oakden Hobday

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