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FAQ Poll archive

Page editor: Belinda Hobbs

FAQ PollTo find the FAQ poll on Jo's site, locate the puddle of paperclips and a thumbtack on the Desktop and pass your cursor over them. They will turn into a question mark and become a FAQ link. Click it, Owl post delivers 3 pieces of mail and 2 feathers onto the desk.
Now the paperclips form an X when the cursor touches them, and becomes an Exit link. (The clips and tack will stay in the question mark or X shape until you pass the cursor over them again. )Paperclips question mark

Click on any of the 3 owl post letters to bring you to the FAQ letter, with a loose index sheet on the side. You can access the other letters from this tab and submit your vote in the poll. (Point your curser on it, it will pop out.)

To date there have been 5 polls and answers, according to the following schedule.

FAQ Poll questions:
- #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 -

Poll #
Date posted Date answered Poll duration Days till
next poll
Saturday May 15, 2004
(original when site launched)
Monday July 5, 2004 51 Days 14 Days
Monday July 19, 2004 Monday October 4, 2004 77 Days 67 Days
Friday December 10, 2004 Monday May 16, 2005 157 Days 15 Days
Tuesday May 31, 2005 Friday July 15, 2005 46 Days 163 Days
Sunday December 25, 2005 Tuesday February 21, 2006 58 days well over
1 year

First FAQ Poll

Posted when the site launched May15th, 2004
Answered July 5th, 2004 (about Mark Evans)
The second question was behind a Dark Mark spoiler warning


Second FAQ Poll

Posted July 19, 2004 (the Mark Evans answer was moved to "About the books")
Answered October 4, 2004 (the Aunt Petunia question)
October 5th a Post Script (P.S.) was added to the answer


Third FAQ Poll

Posted December 10, 2004 (the Aunt Petunia answer was moved into About the Books above the Mark Evans answer)
Answered May 16, 2005


Fourth FAQ Poll

Posted May 31st, 2005 (the significance of Neville in the prophecy question was moved to About the Books above the Colin Creevey's camera question)
Answered July 15, 2005


Fifth FAQ Poll

Posted December 25th, 2005 (the Patronus as communication answer is moved to About the Books below the Pure blood families question)
All 3 options were behind Dark Mark Spoiler warnings.
Answered February 21, 2006 Answer is behind a Dark Mark spoiler warning, and currently appearing at the Result of F.A.Q. Poll link on the Text Only version.


Sixth FAQ Poll

Not yet posted. We're still waiting!
As of April 1st, it had been 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day.



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