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"Because that's what Hermione does... When in doubt, go to the library."
     -- Ron Weasley

Listed here are a number of Harry Potter and related reference sites. If a site is listed here, it's because I consider it to be an exceptionally good resource for the serious Harry Potter fan. As a rule, I don't trade links or place web sites here on request. I choose the sites to place here because I think they're the best. If you're doing research and want good, well-written and presented information, you can't do much better than the sites listed here.

If you're looking for where all the facts in the Lexicon came from, check out Sources of Lexicon Information.

Selected resources

Jo Rowling's Official Web Site
See: The Lexicon's detailed pages about JKR's website

Harry Potter encyclopedia sites:
WEB LINKDefinitive Harry Potter Canon Characterisation Guide
This site lists every known fact about each of the main characters. Unfortunately, it stops with book six, but it's still a fantastic reference.

Etymology, pronunciation, words, and name sources
WEB LINKWhat's In A Name? - etymology resource for names, words, and phrases in HP
WEB LINKHarry Potter: Pronunciation Guide - from Scholastic, gives pronunciations for tough HP words (flash page, click on the "Pronunciation Guide" link on the left)
WEB LINKThe Akashic Record - very thorough listing of spells, names, etc. from the Harry Potter books, with eymological information and other facts - one of the more scholarly sites about Harry Potter - highly recommended
WEB LINKLatin Dictionary and Grammar Aid - resource for Latin roots
WEB LINKDictionary of English Slang and Colloquialisms of the UK - very complete
WEB LINKCJVLang Site - This fascinating site explores the challenges of translating the Harry Potter books into Asian languages
WEB LINKEnglish-to-American Dictionary - created by a Scottish fellow back in 1997, updated with contributions from readers ever since. The entries are written with deadpan humor and dry other words, all the things we Americans love about British humor
WEB LINKPotterwords - A complete list of Potter words with correct spellings and capitalisations.
WEB LINKOnline Etymological Dictionary - very useful reference for the origins of words

WEB LINKDid you know...? - A great resource for names for places in Great Britain. You can search for a word (e.g. '-wold') and it will give you all the place names which include that word (there are over seven, including Stow-on-the-Wold in Gloucestershire). Use the search box in the middle of the page.

Folklore, Myth, and History
WEB LINKEncyclopedia Mythica - the premier web resource for mythological references
WEB LINKMysterious Places - explore the sacred sites of ancient civilizations
WEB LINKThe Probert Encyclopaedia of Celtic Mythology - A nice list of words from Celtic folklore
WEB LINKOccultopedia - a very thorough index of the paranormal
WEB LINKWater Mythology - covers a wide range of traditions, from ancient Greek to Scandinavian folklore
WEB LINKCeltic Tree Lore - gives the properties of various trees according to the Celts
WEB LINKCulpeper: The Complete Herbal - an online version of this classic herbology text
WEB LINKSacred Woods and the Lore of Trees - information about a variety of trees, including folklore and history
WEB LINKMagic Words: A Dictionary - a very impressive collection of magic words from all over the world in book form
WEB LINKTea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves - a detailed guide to tasseography
WEB LINKThe Magickal Use of the Sixteen Figures of Geomancy - an introduction to geomancy

Reviews and discussion
WEB LINKHarry Potter for GrownUps (HPfGU) - best Harry Potter discussion group on the web, designed for adult fans of the books - many of the contributors to this Lexicon are also active members of HPfGU.

News and related information
WEB LINKThe Leaky Cauldron - The best HP news site on the web, hands down. Part of the Floo Network, which makes it even better.
WEB LINKMuggleNet - A wide variety of information, news, and activities for HP fans
WEB - Fan site with a lot of excellent content and current news

Interviews with Rowling
collected interview sites
WEB LINKAccio Quote! part of the Floo Network; the newly combined site of the former:

  • Quick Quotes Quill - the best interview archive anywhere;
  • and
  • Madam Scoop's Index to J.K. Rowling's Interviews - Fantastic site with a very helpful Thematic Listing to quotes from Rowling
WEB LINKMuggleNet's interview archive

individual interviews:
See Site Sources page, specifically "interviews with J.K. Rowling".

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