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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (U.S. DVD cover)

Harry Potter
and the Philosopher's Stone

U.S. title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

film adaptation

Page editor: Elaine Thomas

Facts and Figures
UK Running Time: 146 min (2 hours 26 minutes)
US Running Time: 152 min
Release Date: November 16, 2001
MPAA Rating: PG, for some scary moments and mild language.
BBFC Rating: PG
Distributor: Warner Bros.

Cast and Crew

Cast and other Credits
Cast and Overview: WEB LINK
Full Credits: WEB LINK

Image Galleries
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Hogwarts: An Owl's-Eye View

WEB LINK - amazonQuotes and Trivia
courtesy of Amazon and IMDB
includes "The film reveals that the twelfth use for dragon's blood is an oven cleaner." Actually, while Kloves did include this bit of trivia in his version of the script, the final film never reveals this fact. Rowling herself revealed it, however (SFC).

Errors and Changes

Soundtrack of the Film
Composed and Conducted by John Williams

DVD Version
Release Date: May 28, 2002

Special Features :

Disk One
As well as the Movie there are:

  • Theatrical and Teaser Trailers
  • Cast and Crew Lists

Disk Two:
From the Main menu there are 8 options; Diagon Alley, Tour, Sorting Hat, Classrooms, Hogwarts Grounds, Library, Interviews and Extra Credit.

  • Diagon Alley
    • Firstly you must get past the 'Brick Puzzle' to access (see below 'How to access deleted scenes' step 2)
    • Gringotts - Take out your Wizard Money
    • Ollivander's - Choose and buy your own wand
    • Eeylops Owl Emporium- Choose and buy your own owl
  • Tour
    • Self Guided tour around Hogwarts including Gryffindor Common room, Harry's Bedroom and The Great Hall
  • Sorting Hat
    • Description of each of the houses.
  • Classrooms
    From here there are 5 options, Defence against the dark arts, Potions, Spells and charms, Transfiguration, and the Hogwarts shiled.
    Note: You must go to Diagon Alley and buy a wand before you can go to the classrooms. (See below 'How to access deleted scenes' steps 1-6) 
    • Defence against the dark arts
      • Quirrel Character Montage
    • Potions
      • Snape Character Montage
      • Mix Potions correctly or end up in the hospital wing. ( (Note: If you make the potion correctly it will lead you to the keys see below 'How to Access Deleted Scenes' part 10)
    • Spells and Charms
      • View the scene where Hagrid tells the trio about Nicholas Flamel in 8 different languages.
      • Flitwick Character Montage
    • Transfiguration
      • Dumbledore and McGonagal Character montages
    • Hogwarts Shield (To the third floor corridor)
    • Hogwarts Grounds
      • Hagrid's Hut 360 degree tour
      • Learn about Quidditch
      • Catch the Snitch
    • Library
      • 70 artwork designs of props
      • Student character montages
      • Meet the Hogwarts Ghosts
  • Interviews
    • Capturing the Stone conversation with the filmmakers' -- Interviews with Chris Columbus (director), David Heyman (producer), Steve Kloves (screenwriter) and Stuart Craig (production designer) cut with scenes from the movie and behind the scenes footage. (16 minute running time)
  • Extra Credit (DVD ROM Features)
    • Be sorted by the Sorting Hat
    • Screensaver
    • Rememberall
    • PC game Demo
    • Lego Creator Demo
    • Links to the web
    • Receive Owl e-mails
    • Enhanced Tour of Hogwarts and Hagrid's Hut using microphone
    • Magical Trading cards

  • 7 deleted scenes By completing tasks throughout disk 2, 7 scenes that were not in the final cut can be viewed. (See below for how to access the deleted scenes.)
    1. Petunia is taking photos of Dudley wearing his Smeltings uniform and Harry asks if he is going but Petunia is dying Dudley's old uniform for Harry to go to the state school.
    2. Petunia is breaking eggs and there are Harry's Hogwarts letters inside them.
    3. Hagrid and Harry are on the tube. Harry is reading out what he requires for Hogwarts and Hagrid says he always wanted a dragon.
    4. Short scene after Ron and Harry rescue Hermione from the Troll. Harry points out that Hermione would not have needed saving Ron did not insult her.
    5. At Christmas Harry is sitting on his own in the Great Hall and Ron comes over to him to ask him if he wants to play chess. Harry however, is busy thinking.
    6. Harry Ron and Hermione are in the Great Hall. Ron is looking at his trading cards and Hermione says that he should be revising for the exams. Neville comes in and has been put in a leglock by  Malfoy and Ron says he should stand up to him. Harry finds out who Nicholas Flamel is on Dumledore's trading card.
    7. Extended potions class.

    How to access the Deleted Scenes:
    1. Insert Disk Two
    2. Enter Diagon Alley and at the brick puzzle press; left, up, up, enter, up, enter, up, enter, right, down, down, enter, down, enter.
    3. Then select the Gringotts sign and press down to select the key and press enter.
    4. When in Gringotts press enter to withdraw your money.
    5. Go back to Diagon Alley and Select Ollivander's.
    6. In Ollivander's select wands until you find one to suit you.
    7. Go back to the Main Menu and select Classrooms.
    8. Press left to select Transfiguration then down to select the torch then up to select the 'H' then enter.
    9. At Fluffy select the flute then enter.
    10. At the keys select the key in the middle with a bent wing then enter.
    11. At the bottles select the bottle with the yellow liquid and enter.
    12. At the mirror select the philosopher's stone in the middle and enter to view the deleted scenes.


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