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About the Films: Locations

Glen Coe, Scotland

Page editor: Elaine Thomas
Location photographs taken by Wolfgang Mletzko

Glen Coe is in the Scottish Highlands and was used extensively in the filming of PA/f. Huge sets were built of Hagrid's cabin and a bridge that served as a Hogwarts corridor.

PA: 12 The little bird's fate
the little bird's fate

PA:14 Going to Hagrid's
Going to Hagrid's

PA: 20 Lupin and Harry talk
Lupin and Harry talk

PA:27 Changing season - Hedwig flying
Changing season - Hedwig flying

PA:39 Meeting Malfoy and his punishment
Meeting Malfoy and his punishment

PA: 40 Hagrid's cabin
Hagrid's cabin
Hagrid's cabin

PA: 41 Outside Hagrid's - Buckbeak's execution - Scabbers escapes

PA: 47 Draco's Punishment 2 and releasing Buckbeak


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