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About the Films: Locations

Durham Cathedral,
County Durham

Page editor: Elaine Thomas
Location photographs taken by Wolfgang Mletzko

Durham Cathedral was used in the first two Harry potter films for both interior and exterior views of Hogwarts. The chapter house was used for the scenes in McGonagall's classroom.

PS:17 Transfiguration lesson
Transfiguration lesson

PS:22 Fred and George welcome to the team
Fred and George welcome to the team

PS:37 Hedwig

PS:40 Detention from McGonagall
Detention from McGonagall

PS:45 Speaking with McGonagall / Meeting Snape
Speaking with McGonagall
Meeting Snape

CS:13 Quidditch Practice / 'Eat Slugs'
Quidditch Practice / 'Eat Slugs'

CS:19 Transfiguration

CS:20 Who is the Heir?
Who is the Heir?

CS:42 Outside conversation -Hagrid
Outside conversation -Hagrid


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