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About the Films: Locations

Black Park, Iver

Page editor: Elaine Thomas

Black Park, Iver is a 530 acre park in Buckinghamshire. Hagrid's cabin was built on location for the filming of Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. The interior of Hagrid's cabin, however, is filmed in the studio.

PS:39 - Hagrid's cabin / Norbert (Exterior)

Hagrid's Cabin / Norbert (Exterior)

PS: 41 Detention. Hagrid's cabin exterior. (The rest of detention was filmed in the studio)
Detention. Hagrid's cabin exterior

PS:44- Hagrid's cabin (Exterior)
Hagrid's cabin exterior

CS:47 - Hagrid's cabin Following the Spiders (Exterior)
Hagrid's cabin - following the spiders (exterior)

Black Park has been returned to for Goblet of Fire, and also for exterior scenes by Hagrid's cabin.


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