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About the Films: Locations

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Page editor: Elaine Thomas
Location photographs taken by Wolfgang Mletzko

Alnwick Castle was used for the exterior of Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter films.

PS: 20- Flying Lesson

Alnwick Castle - Flying Lesson © THE HARRY POTTER LEXICON

PS: 26- Quidditch practice with Wood

Alnwick Castle - first Quidditch practice © THE HARRY POTTER LEXICON

Note: The flag was removed from the top of the corner piece of castle.

PS: 28 - Leaving Charms

Alnwick Castle - Leaving Charms

PS: 31 -Hagrid talks about Flamel

Hagrid talks about Flamel

PS: 32 -Hagrid gets the Christmas Tree

Hagrid gets the Christmas tree

PS: 43- End of Exams

End of Exams

CS: 7- The Whomping Willow/ the car escapes

the Ford Anglia escapes


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