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    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - 2-disc special edition DVD

Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire

film adaptation

Changes from the Book

major characters and events from the book not included in the film:

plotlines that were twisted in the transition to the screen:

  • Crouch junior is not only already free but present as himself in the opening scene at the Riddle House. He is instructed to gather their "old comrades" by sending them a sign, rather than casting Morsmordre because of his own angry impulse to terrify them. Harry subsequently recognizes him after the Pensieve visions although in the book he had never seen him as himself before, in vision or reality.

  • Harry's first nightmare about events at the Riddle House takes place at the Burrow, since the initial Privet Drive scenes were omitted. He wakes up with Hermione standing over him, the order of their arrival having been reversed. In the book, Hermione arrived at the Burrow the afternoon before Harry did, but in the film she says that she arrived in the night (apparently after the boys went to bed, since Harry didn't know she'd arrived).

  • Arthur Weasley, when asked where they're going when en route to the World Cup, says that he doesn't have the foggiest idea, rather than explaining how hard the Ministry had to work to make the arrangements.

  • The entire explanation of Portkeys is compressed to the introduction of the term by the twins (rather than Arthur with an accompanying explanation as in the book), and Harry as a result nearly fails to grab hold when the time comes.

  • The way the first Portkey works in the film doesn't tally with its description in the book:

    • Those using the Portkey are shown talking to one another (though briefly) in transit.

    • The older members of the party are shown flying through the air upon their arrival at the Portkey terminus rather than simply arriving.

  • Upon their arrival at the World Cup campground, there are several people flying openly on broomsticks (to name one instance of open magic), rather than Ministry officials fussing over such signs of magic as children barely hovering above the grass on toy broomsticks.

  • The Weasleys' tent (a single one rather than a pair as in the book) has already been set up before their arrival, rather than the party having to set it up themselves.

  • The Weasleys are not in the top box with Fudge and the Malfoys in the film.

  • Ginny rather than Hermione or Harry asks who Krum is when he first takes the field at the World Cup.

  • The players rather than the mascots perform the pre-match entertainment at the World Cup. The Irish side displays a glittering, animated leprechaun image in the sky rather than a glittering shamrock formed by leprechauns as in the book.

  • Fudge rather than Bagman gives the opening speech at the World Cup.

  • Since Bill, Charlie, and Percy are not at the World Cup, Arthur doesn't suggest that the older members of the family help the Ministry against the Death Eaters, but instead tries to get them all to a Portkey to get out right away.

  • Harry is separated from the entire party and knocked out during the post-match riot; his wand is never stolen.

  • Molly giving the boys their new dress robes. Instead, Ron receives his by post (apparently not even owl post).

  • The Prophet article about the riot is introduced by a copy being read by Hermione on the Hogwarts Express rather than by Molly on the morning after the match.

  • Cho is first encountered in the story on the Hogwarts Express rather than on the World Cup campgrounds.

  • Harry writes the first letter to Sirius only after the riot and prodding by Hermione, rather than immediately after the pre-match dream and on his own initiative. Consequently Hedwig is with him on the Hogwarts Express rather than off delivering his letter.

  • The Hogwarts students watch the arrival of their guests from the windows of the Great Hall on the first day of term rather than from out on the grounds just before Hallowe'en as in the book.

  • The students from Beauxbatons are introduced as "ladies", implying that there are no boys among them, although at least two Beauxbatons boys were present in GF23.

  • The dancing and other seductive behaviours of the Veela from the World Cup from the book are transposed to the Beauxbatons students upon their arrival at Hogwarts.

  • Hagrid becoming so distracted by Madame Maxime when she first speaks to him at the high table that he stabs Professor Flitwick in the hand with a fork.

    (In the book, Madame Maxime spoke of the care and handling of the winged horses to Dumbledore when Hagrid was not present.)

  • To demonstrate his ability to see out of the back of his head during his first class, the fake Moody chastises Seamus Finnigan for sticking chewing gum under his desk rather than Lavender Brown for holding her horoscope under her desk to show to Parvati Patil.

  • The fake Moody's apparent amusement at the behaviour of the spider under the Imperius Curse - in the book, he took the demonstration seriously throughout. (Also, in the book the spider remained on his desk rather than being bounced off the students - only the last spider in the book looked like it might roll off the desk and hit a student).

  • In the film, Hermione refuses to name the last Unforgivable Curse rather than stating the incantation as in the book. Also, in the book she and the boys sought out Neville to see if he was all right rather than running into him accidentally as in the film.

  • The Weasley twins getting into a fist fight when their trick fails to work, and the absence of their friend Lee Jordan from their planning.

  • Dumbledore's speech after the selection of the first three champions emphasizes the competition rather than the unifying aspects of the situation.

  • Dumbledore's rude remarks to Madame Maxime in response to her protest about Harry's selection, and his subsequent accusatory and threatening behaviour toward Harry.

  • Crouch senior's statement that the Goblet of Fire itself constitutes a binding magical contract. (In fact, the placing of a name within it is what constitutes the binding magical contract, not the artifact itself.)

  • Sirius sends his first reply to Harry not via Hedwig but by another owl. (The reluctance to use Hedwig because of her distinctive appearance is canon, though.)

  • The depiction of fire talking as a face formed from the coals of the fire, rather than a disembodied normal-looking head being visible in the flames.

  • The POTTER STINKS badges appear in the film after the dragons' first appearance rather than before.

  • Rather than Ron finding out about the dragons only during the first task, he finds out before Harry does and nevertheless still refuses to reconcile with Harry until after the first task, which gives their falling out a much nastier aspect than in canon. (Also, in the book Harry found out about the dragons before speaking with Sirius, not afterward).

  • Harry openly walks up to Cedric and asks for a word rather than arranging to speak to him more privately.

  • The ferret incident happens outdoors after the revelation of the dragons rather than in the Entrance Hall before the fourth years' first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson of the term. Also, the incident blows up not because of the Prophet's coverage of the Arthur's coverup of Moody's involvement with the police and Harry's counterattack about Draco's mother, but more from general stress.

  • The reference about knowing stories about a Death Eater that would make someone's hair curl is transferred from Rita Skeeter speaking to HRH to the fake Moody yelling at Draco (who runs away rather than being hauled before Snape).

  • Hermione sneaking up to the champions' tent just before the first task for an encouraging word and a hug, rather than drilling Harry in the Summoning Charm all night beforehand. This leads to developing Krum a little more, when he tells off Rita Skeeter after her subsequent photograph-taking ambush.

  • Harry waiting until after he's attacked by the Horntail to Summon his broom

  • The breaking of the Horntail's chain and her pursuit of Harry. This ties in with the elimination of the real eggs from the plot; in the book she would not as a nesting mother would have left them unprotected.

  • McGonagall neglecting to tell Harry that the champions open the dancing, and that he has no choice but to ask someone out.

  • Hermione's quarrel with Ron after the dancing doesn't end with her leaving the scene on a high note, but with him leaving.

  • The fake Moody rather than the Weasley twins collects Ron and Hermione before the second task. As part of writing out the house-elves' role, he ensures that Neville is thrown together with Harry at that point to reveal the properties of Gillyweed.

  • Fleur doesn't fight to return to the water in the second task.

  • Crouch senior's appearance at the second task, his talk about having no family, and his meeting with the fake Moody.

  • Crouch senior is simply found dead in the forest rather than disappearing, and the discovery of the body is presented differently. Some of the content of Fudge's disagreement with Dumbledore is moved to their meeting at this point in the story.

  • Harry has no trouble getting into Dumbledore's office, although there is still a mention of candy.

  • All the trials in the Pensieve are compressed into a single trial. Karkaroff gives up Crouch junior's name along with the others; no Dementors appear to be guarding him.

  • Snape and Karkaroff meeting privately rather than after Potions.

  • Snape's reference to Voldemort as "You-Know-Who" rather than "the Dark Lord" (which is the form he normally uses in referring to the man).

  • It's openly revealed before the third task that the fake Moody placed the cup in the maze, and its location is not necessarily the center of the maze as in the book. Also, it's said that the first person to touch the cup will be "the winner" rather than merely "receiving full points".

  • Harry actually finds Fleur in the maze rather than just hearing her. He also recognizes that Krum is bewitched, and gets into a shoving match and footrace with Cedric. The who-saved-who stakes are a bit less balanced between them in the film than in the book.

  • Harry and Cedric have much more time to react to the situation in the graveyard than in the book; in the film, they could've escaped if Cedric had done what Harry said when he said it.

  • In the book, ordinary conjured ropes were used to bind Harry rather than an animated statue. (Looks cool, though.)

  • Pettigrew's incantation in the film differs somewhat from that in canon, he cuts Harry more than once, and doesn't seem as badly affected physically by his own sacrifice as in the book.

    The subsequent pyrotechnics were an added flourish for the film. Note that Voldemort in the film does not have to ask for robes after his rebirth; they appear by themselves.

  • Voldemort using the expressions "attaboy" and "yeah" rather than keeping to more speech.

  • Harry breaks down after returning with Cedric's body rather than being unable to cry, and is not hustled away before Amos Diggory arrives and breaks down.

  • The fake Moody's Polyjuice Potion begins to wear off while he's still talking to Harry; he is never knocked unconscious, nor is he given the Dementor's Kiss due to Fudge's interference. The real Moody is also conscious when he is found in the trunk (and nobody hops in to make him more comfortable until he can be transferred to the hospital wing).

Switching Spells

  • See Film 1 Switching Spells regarding the cast.

  • Crouch junior in the film has dark rather than straw-coloured hair.

  • Owls are shown carrying letters in their beaks rather than having them bound to a leg as in the books. (That'd be much harder on an owl during a long journey...)

  • The winged horses pulling the Beauxbatons carriage don't appear to have palomino colouring (which would be gold body colouring with white manes and tails), but instead the inverse of that colouring. They don't seem to be the size of elephants as in canon, but it's very hard to tell since they aren't shown close to anything that would put them in a reliable perspective. Judging from the scene in which they arrive at Hogwarts, there are nine (three on the left, three on the right, two in the middle front and back) rather than twelve.

  • The Beauxbatons carriage on close examination appears to be powder-blue (which agrees with canon), although the red and gold trim makes it difficult to see this when the carriage is in motion.

  • Madame Maxime in the film has red rather than black hair, doesn't arrive wearing elegant black satin, and is noticeably taller than Hagrid rather than being within an inch or so of his height.

  • Dumbledore's beard appears more grey than white. This effect may be partly due to the fact that he wears grey robes rather than deep green robes at the Welcoming Feast and at the selection of the champions. See also Conjuring Spells.

  • The singing of the Hogwarts school song (which was omitted from the first film) was filmed, though deleted, for this film. It's much more polished on film than the singing of it was depicted in PS7. (In the finished film it's sung impromptu just before the discovery of Crouch senior's body.)

  • The size of the Goblet of Fire and the manner of its presentation. In the book, Dumbledore simply reached into the casket and pulled it out, and the flames were the only unusual aspect of its appearance.

  • The Owlery is shown as part of a tower detached from the main building of the castle rather than in West Tower.

  • Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean is switched for Magical Water Plants of the Highland Lochs (which so far doesn't exist in canon). This is part of writing out the house-elves' role, which involved giving Neville the role of informing Harry about the properties of Gillyweed.

  • Seamus Finnigan rather than Neville is depicted as being accident-prone, though with a different flavour (he says he thinks fire is pretty fascinating, rather than being depressed by his difficulties).

  • The golden egg is small enough to be held easily in one hand, and doesn't appear empty when open and singing.

  • Placing Padma Patil in Gryffindor with her sister (she's in the Gryffindor common room with her sister rather than her sister being with Lavender Brown when Harry thinks of asking them), and the fact that both sisters wear pink to the Yule Ball instead of one wearing pink and the other turquoise.

  • Hermione wears pink to the Yule Ball rather than blue as in the book. (The pink was worn by Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy's date, in the book.)

  • Cedric's clue isn't given immediately after the Yule Ball; he waits until two days before the second task.

  • Harry's dream (GF29) takes place at night after the Yule Ball rather than in Divination shortly before the third task, and is more a confused memory of the first dream than a vision.

  • The mermaid in the prefects' bathroom is part of a stained glass window rather than a portrait, and she's awake during Harry's visit.

Conjuring spells
additions to the film without direct canon backing:

  • Hermione (and Harry) occasionally calling Ron "Ronald".

  • Both Hermione and Ginny look rather impressed with Cedric when he is first introduced.

  • The Quidditch World Cup campground in the film is near the ocean.

  • Krum indulges in some spectacularly dangerous pre-match stunt flying at the World Cup.

  • Ron's passionate post-match praise of Krum (and the accompanying teasing by the other kids).

  • The detail of the Death Eaters' masks looking like skulls (and Voldemort ripping them off at his rebirthing party).

  • The coat of arms on the sail of the Durmstrang ship and its dragon figurehead.

  • The hair grip on Dumbledore's beard and the rings on his hands.

  • Filch's interruption of Dumbledore's start-of-term speech.

  • All the visiting Durmstrang students being male.

  • The acrobatics of the Durmstrang students upon their arrival (and the flashy fire spell the last performer casts before Karkaroff's arrival).

  • The fake Moody casting a spell at the enchanted ceiling during his arrival.

  • The Weasley twins' tendency to speak in unison. In the books, they often complete one another's sentences, though.

  • The fake Moody yelling that he can hear across classrooms, and throwing chalk to emphasize the point.

  • The fake Moody's reference to the Cruciatus Curse as the "torture curse".

  • The stained glass windows in parts of the castle. (The rain making the figures therein look as though they're weeping is a cool effect.)

  • The Age Line is shown as a visible ring on the floor around the Goblet of Fire.

  • The self-opening doors to the antechamber off the Great Hall.

  • The depiction of the antechamber off the Great Hall as the trophy room.

  • Dumbledore's use of his Pensieve during his post-champion-selection conference with the teachers, McGonagall's combative attitude toward the rules, and Snape's suggestion that they let matters unfold for the time being.

  • The "Glossys Silver Polish" in the broom cupboard during Rita's first interview, and the "Hogwarts field supplies" crates in the champions' tent during the first task.

  • The levitation properties of the Quick-Quotes quill (although in the books it does write by itself).

  • Dumbledore's instruction to the fake Moody to watch over Harry but not to let him know (on the theory that knowing that he had someone watching over him would frighten Harry).

  • Harry hanging out with Neville by the lake, and Ginny's presence alongside Hermione.

  • Hagrid's comeback to Harry's remark about his hair with a remark about Harry's.

  • Dropping the ferret down Crabbe's trousers.

  • The fake Moody sticking out his tongue at McGonagall after her little lecture on inappropriate punishments. (In the book, he dragged Draco off to speak with his Head of House while McGonagall remained behind; in the film, she leaves and he stays.)

  • The fake Moody removing his artificial leg to get comfortable.

  • The Weasley twins running a book on the first task and on the second task.

  • The Weasley twins egging on the Horntail.

  • The cannon at the Triwizard tasks.

  • The portraits in the Gryffindor common room joining in the applause for Harry, and reacting to the golden egg.

  • Snape hitting the kids who talk when they're supposed to be studying.

  • Nigel, the young kid who delivers Ron's dress robes, Ginny's remarks that they're ghastly and she wouldn't wear them, and Ron's reference to "Great Aunt Tessie".

  • Dancing lessons for Gryffindor house (including Neville's subsequent practicing) and the sling on Harry's arm therein.

  • The ice sculptures at the Yule Ball. The decor is reminiscent of Fleur's description of Beauxbatons at Christmas.

  • The carriages at the Yule Ball in the deleted scenes.

  • Filch dancing with Mrs. Norris.

  • The orchestra conducted by Flitwick.

  • Myrtle's remarks about Polyjuice Potion, and her diving into the bath with Harry.

  • References to the lake as the "Black Lake".

  • Neville's mentions of Goshawk's Guide to Herbology (the author is canon, the book isn't, at least so far), to a wizard in Nepal who's growing gravity-resistant trees, and to a debate among herbologists about the effectiveness of Gillyweed in fresh versus salt water.

  • Gabrielle Delacour's inclusion among the Beauxbatons students (she appears among them at the end); the attack after the rescue of the hostages; Hermione kissing Harry afterward.

  • spells:

  • The levitating toast racks in the Great Hall.

  • The levitating books in the library.

  • The fake Moody's mention of summer internships at the Ministry (and specifically the Department of Mysteries) after the second task.

  • "Licorice Snap".

  • The cage at the trials in the Pensieve.

  • Harry's reference to "bubble juice" when questioned about potion ingredients.

  • The brass band at the third task, clearly composed of Hogwarts students and conducted by Flitwick.

  • The cheerleading by the other Beauxbatons girls at the third task, Crabbe having Krum's name painted on his forehead.

  • The self-sealing entrance of the maze, and the "losing yourself" aspects thereof.

  • From the gravestone:

    • Tom Riddle's birth year of 1905 and death year of 1943.

    • Mr Riddle's birth year of 1880, death year of 1943, and given name of Thomas.

    • Mrs Riddle's birth year of 1883, death year of 1943, and given name of Mary.

  • Dumbledore's remarks on how much he disliked the curtains in Harry's dormitory when he was a student, and that he set them on fire when he himself was a fourth year.


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