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Artwork: Mourning by Marta T.
Artwork: Neville at St. Mungo's by Marta T.
Poem: Snuffles by Ankara Shard
Artwork: Fawkes Mourning by Laura Freeman

Mourning by Marta T.
by Marta T

Neville at St. Mungo's by Marta T.
Neville at St. Mungo's
by Marta T


My heart had an empty place
Where you should be
But now my heart is just a void,
A black hole for only pain
And no amount can fill it

I know you are still watching over me
Like all the others lost before you
I know you'd hate what is happening to me
But I can't turn my head
My eyes won't look away
From that moment as you fell
Too graceful for the murder it was
Too perfect to be true

But now that you are gone
I look around and all I see
Are the empty places inside me
Where they should all still be
And you, you are one more
Than I can bear to lose

I am lost now too
For there is so little left in me
I may do what I have to
But only mechanically
For I see nothing in this world
Except the moment you fell
And if I fall, I don't care
It only brings me back to you

by Ankara Shard

Fawkes Mourning by Laura Freeman
Fawkes Mourning
by Laura Freeman

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