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"Bone of the father, unknowingly given... you will renew your son!"
- Wormtail (GF32)

Poem: Father by absentmindedgenius


They told me you were brave
A credit to the school
Even if, occasionally
You liked to play the fool

I saw pictures of your friends
A bond that seemed so true
You'd always be together
In everything you'd do

I once felt pride
To carry on your legacy
After you died

They told me I was so like you
In talents and in looks
But I could only see it for myself
In memories or photo books

I thought you were a hero
And no one could deny
The inherent goodness
That finally made you die

But Father
It's different now
I'd like to feel like I once did
But I don't know how

I saw another side of you
That I didn't want to see
But it made me ask myself
If I really want to be

Like you, or am I different
No one seems to know
For they still see your face in mine
It's not changing as I grow

I have new choices
Which path I will choose to tread
Do I listen to the voices?

Every day
All I want is to talk to you
But there is no way.

by Absentmindedgenius


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