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Concordance of the Harry Potter Universe



What is the Concordance? It's a guide to the Harry Potter universe through the eyes of the fans. The Concordance is essays, artwork, poetry, and more. It's a collection of lists. It's a new way to enjoy the books.

Here in the concordance you'll find an alphabetical list, something like an encyclopedia. But the topics covered aren't the usual ones like magic spells or classes at Hogwarts. You'll find that elsewhere in the Lexicon. The Concordance is different because the topics are different. Here you'll find things like "friendship" or "red." You'll find "anger" and "weather" and "lights" and "fire." The topics are in some ways more general but they allow insights into the world of Harry Potter that just don't fit into the normal encyclopedia format.

Another big difference, though, is the format of the content. Sure, there are the usual short essays. But since the Concordance is written by fans from all over the world and in all sorts of styles, it's not limited to prose. You'll find artwork and poetry and lists along with the essays. You might find more than one entry on a particular topic. And you might very well find yourself wanting to contribute some of your own work. If you'd like to contribute, check out the rules below before you send anything in.

Guidelines for Contributions to the Concordance

  • Format can be anything that fits what you want to say: essay, poem, artwork, list, outline, sketch, animation, flowchart, etc. You do not have to submit your work in HTML or any other web-ready form. Please don't send work formatted in HTML by a Microsoft product such as Word or FrontPage. Plain text is great, as is a plain Word document. Just avoid the whole "save as HTML" thing. We can convert just about any graphic into a web-friendly format.

  • The Lexicon is known for its high qualty content. We will select only contributions of comparably high quality.

  • Content must be directly from canon. Sorry, but this is the Lexicon, so fanfiction doesn't belong here.

  • Content may include some conjecture or interpretation, as long as it's canon based.

  • Please indicate in the subject line of your submission what topic it is for (e.g. "concordance - separation").

    • In the case of artwork that depicts a scene from canon, please identify in the subject line of your submission the book and chapter of the scene (e.g. PS12 for scenes from "The Mirror of Erised"), as in "concordance - artwork - [book-chapter identifer]".

    • In the case of artwork that is a portrait of a character from canon, please identify the character (e.g. Archie from the World Cup, Luna Lovegood) in the subject line of your submission, as in "concordance - artwork - portrait - [character name]"

    • In the case of artwork that illustrates a creature (e.g. veela), device/item (e.g. Hand of Glory), or plant (e.g. Mandrake) from canon, please identify the object being depicted in the subject line of your submission, as in "concordance - artwork - [item name]"

  • Please use a separate email for each different submission. Don't just send us a link to your website and say "Go ahead and use whatever artwork you want."

  • Content must be child-friendly. The Lexicon is used by schools all over the world. When in doubt, use the content of the books themselves as a guide as to what fits our criteria. We're very strict on this and when in doubt, we err on the side of caution.

  • Final decisions are made by the Lexicon staff as to what qualifies for the Concordance. There is no guarantee that we will use what you submit. We will send a note acknowledging receipt of your work and whether we are likely to include it in the Concordance. It may take some time for accepted content to show up in the Concordance. Please be patient.

  • Please include your name in the form you'd like it to appear in the Concordance. All submissions are credited to the author/creator. You retain copyright for your work and may request that we remove it from the Concordance at any time.

  • We may remove your work from the Concordance at any time should we decide to make changes in the website. We won't be able to inform you of this if it happens.

  • We reserve the right to edit submissions as we see fit for inclusion in the Concordance. Artwork may be resized or converted to a lower-resolution. If you don't like our editing, you may appeal or ask that we remove your work from the site.

  • Any topic is fair game as long as it's canon based and child-friendly. You may write about a topic already included or start a new topic of your own.

  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND that we are the final decision-makers on what topics or submissions are included in the Lexicon. You may not agree with our decisions, but we get to make them either way. We make no promises or guarantees. On the other hand, this is supposed to be fun. We'll do everything we can to make it so.


The Harry Potter Lexicon
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