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Kelpie © by Vic Xntric
    Concordance of the Harry Potter Universe

"Professor McGonagall, please go to Mr. Filch at once and tell him to search every painting in the castle for the Fat Lady."
- Dumbledore (PA8)

Artwork by Vic Xntric

Artwork: Ashwinder
Artwork: Bundimun
Artwork: Chudley Cannons logo
Artwork: Clabbert
Artwork: Demiguise
Artwork: Diricawl (Dodo)
Artwork: Firecrab
Artwork: Fwooper
Artwork: Hippocampus
Artwork: Kelpie
Artwork: Mooncalf
Artwork: Nogtail
Artwork: Puddlemere United logo
Artwork: Puffskein
Artwork: Runespoor
Artwork: Streeler
Artwork: Tadfoal
Chudley Cannons logo © by Vic Xntric Puddlemere logo © by Vic Xntric
Chudley Cannons logo Puddlemere United logo

Ashwinder © 2003 by Vic Xntric Diricawl (Dodo) © by Vic Xntric Fwooper © by Vic Xntric Puffskein © by Vic Xntric Runespoor © by Vic Xntric Streeler © by Vic Xntric
Ashwinder Diricawl
Fwooper Puffskein Runespoor Streeler
Bundimun © by Vic Xntric Clabbert © by Vic Xntric Nogtail © by Vic Xntric
Bundimun Clabbert Nogtail
Tadfoal © by Vic Xntric Firecrab © by Vic Xntric Moke © by Vic Xntric
Tadfoal Firecrab Moke
Mooncalf © by Vic Xntric Demiguise © by Vic Xntric Hippocampus © by Vic Xntric
Mooncalf Demiguise Hippocampus