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"Professor McGonagall, please go to Mr. Filch at once and tell him to search every painting in the castle for the Fat Lady."
- Dumbledore (PA8)

Artwork by Laura Freeman:
Scenes from
Goblet of Fire

Artwork: Percy and Crouch
Artwork: The Four Champions
Artwork: Cedric and the Dragon Egg
Artwork: Dean's Artwork
Artwork: Cedric in the Prefects' Bathroom
Artwork: Draco and Pansy at the Yule Ball
Artwork: Flesh of the Servant

Percy and Crouch © by Laura Freeman
Percy and Crouch

"Thank you for the tea, Weatherby."

The Four Champions (a.k.a. the Triwizard Trio) © 2001 by Laura Freeman
The Four Champions

Viktor Krum, Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour were grouped around the fire.

Cedric and the Dragon Egg © 2001 by Laura Freeman
Cedric and the Dragon Egg

Cedric did this weird thing where he Transfigured a rock on the ground...turned it into a dog...he was trying to make the dragon go for the dog instead of him.

Dean's Artwork © by Laura Freeman
Dean's Artwork

...Dean Thomas, who was very good at drawing, had put up some impressive new banners, most of which depicted Harry zooming around the Horntail's head on his Firebolt, though a couple showed Cedric with his head on fire.

Cedric in the Prefects' Bathroom © 2001 by Laura Freeman
Cedric in the Prefects' Bathroom

He lay there talking to himself for ages about it. Ages and ages... nearly all the bubbles had gone...
(GF25, but the incident evidently took place before the ball)

Draco and Pansy at the Yule Ball © 2001 by Laura Freeman
Draco and Pansy at the Yule Ball

Malfoy was in front; he was wearing dress robes of black velvet with a high collar, which in Harry's opinion made him look like a vicar. Pansy Parkinson was clutching Malfoy's arm, in very frilly robes of pale pink.

Flesh of the Servant © 2003 by Laura Freeman
Flesh of the Servant

"You deserve this pain, Wormtail. You know that, don't you?"