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Quidditch Through the Ages


Synopsis, notes, and links by Michele L. Worley

First US edition: pages vii - viii
Timeframe: "present", between the publication of GF and that of OP.

In which Albus Dumbledore explains how this book came to be made available to Muggles.

Interesting facts and notes about the text of the foreword:

over 250 million dollars since they started in 1985 - which is the equivalent of over 174 million pounds or thirty-four million Galleons.

Here Dumbledore tells us that Comic Relief U.K. has raised over 250 million dollars, then gives the equivalent as 174 million pounds or 34 million Galleons. From this we can determine that one Galleon is equal to just a tad over 5 pounds, which agrees with her comment in an interview. (See Wizarding World Currency Converter.)

Unfortunately, on the back of the book is listed a price for the book in dollars and in wizarding money, and these do not work out to the same exchange rate, so that is incorrect.. Wouldn't you know it, when CNN created their converter application on their CNNfn website, they used the wrong exchange rate.

[signature] Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore's handwriting is very old-fashioned in appearance.

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  • I would be deceiving my readers if I said that this explanation made Madam Pince happy about handing a library book over to Muggles. She suggested several alternatives, such as telling the people from Comic Relief U.K. that the library had burned down, or simply pretending that I had dropped dead without leaving instructions.

  • ...though at the point when it came to let go of it, her nerve failed her and I had to individually prise her fingers from the spine.

  • Please be careful how you treat this book. Do not rip out the pages. Do not drop it in the bath. I cannot promise that Madam Pince will not swoop down on you, wherever you are, and demand a heavy fine.

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This book was published between the releases of GF and OP.