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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Covers and Title Pages

Notes and links by Steve Vander Ark

About the Dedication:

To Mackenzie,
my beautiful daughter,
I dedicate
her ink-and-paper twin.

Scholastic cover art:

Scholastic cover

The US cover was painted by Mary GrandPré.

Bloomsbury cover art:

The original Bloomsbury cover by

Bloomsbury back cover

Title pages:

Pertinent text from the title pages: [image]

Still to come

The "WEB LINK - Wikipediamoral right" which Rowling is claiming is part of the European copyright law. It allows Rowling to maintain a level of control over the Harry Potter stories, characters, etc. even though she has sold rights to Warner Bros. and other companies, and is therefore a very good thing for the integrity of the Harry Potter stories. This moral right is not recognized by the United States, although some US copyright law does approximate the moral right clause of the Berne Convention.

Notes copyright 2005 Steve Vander Ark, Michele L. Worley, and the Harry Potter Lexicon
Invaluable assistance with graphics and notes: Trish Drasnin

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