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The Artists.


Location: Canada.
Education: I started out with observation and studying animation drawing on my own time, then I went to animation school and now work in the industry, which has taught me a LOT.
Speciality: Animation-style character drawings
Medium: Pencil and paper mostly, the occasional coloured piece is done in Photoshop 7.
Copyrights: Making icons/avatars is OK, as is using it for book reports and suchlike (as long as the teacher knows it came off the internet) – if you want to use it on a webpage, please send me the URL and the content of the page so I can give you permission. I like to be credited.

E-mail: twirlynoodle * gmail dot com
Website: WEB LINKhttp://tearain.tripod.com/hp/

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Fred and George, copyright Tealin.
Alastor Moody, copyright Tealin.
Voldemort peeking into Potters' House, copyright Tealin.
Hermione does not like Divination class, copyright, Tealin.
Grindylow, copyright Tealin.
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