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The Artists.

Laura Freeman

Location: Washington State, USA
Education: Mostly self-taught... a few art classes here and there. I've been drawing for longer than I can remember.
Specialities: Portraits. Faces (and noses!) are my favorite, and I like to attempt 'statuesque' poses. I tend to think of things in terms of flat planes and harsh outlines - but I'm trying to branch out and explore more techniques and backgrounds and colors.
Medium: Nearly everything by hand - primarily mechanical pencils and Copic sketch markers, but sometimes some very basic computer coloring or Prismacolor pencils.
Copyrights: For banners/avatars/icons - credit is appreciated when possible. It's OK to use my stuff on websites, but no hotlinking and please credit me and link back to my site. If it's an adult website to be using my art, please email me to discuss it beforehand. Teachers are welcome to use my art for their classes, and others are welcome to color my art (send me a copy, will you?) or print/save them for your own enjoyment.

E-mail: nasubionna * gmail dot com
Website: http://www.nasubionna.net/

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Harry & Cho, copyright Laura Freeman.
Hagrid and Norbert, copyright Laura Freeman.
The Marauders, copyright Laura Freeman.
Tarot card: The Scholar (Hermione) copyright laura Freeman.
Tarot card: the Believer (Luna Lovegood), copyright Laura Freeman.
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