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The Artists.

Keith James Johnson

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
House: Gryffindor
Education: BFA Majoring in Illustration from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus Ohio
Specialities: Comic book, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, General Geekerie
Medium: 95% of my paintings are done with gouache paints (an opaque watercolour) and the other 5% is done with watercolours. I usually touch up the pieces with coloured pencil and do some effects with airbrushing. I also do all the original drawing.
Published: I haven't had much work published, very little worth mentioning. But that is something I am working very hard to change.
Project: Basically summed up; I am doing one illustration (along with a number of small vignettes) for each chapter of each of the Harry Potter books and a cover illustration as well. ~ I'm doing this first and foremost to keep my skills up and consistently have something new to add to my portfolio until I get regular work as an illustrator. ~ I do have the hope though that one of the publishing companies of the Potter books will like my stuff enough to want to publish a full coloured "special edition" of each of the books using my illustrations. I understand the chances of this happening are slim, but a geek can dream! ~ It should be noted, I love the stories and doing the illustrations enough that even if they never get published and/or I find illustration work elsewhere I will still see this project through to the end, if only for my own enjoyment.
Copyright: Like most of the other artists, I don't mind if someone uses my art to create user icons for journals or blogs. But it's very important to me that my artwork doesn't get out in other ways because like I said above, I have a faint hope that it's going to get published eventually and I fear that chance is lessened if too many people already have the illustrations.

E-mail: keith * thegeekcanpaint dot com
Websites: WEB LINKwww.thegeekcanpaint.com

Keith's artwork can be found on the Lexicon in the PS Reader's Guides for Chapters 1 through 10

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Philosopher's Stone COVER concept, © Keith Johnson

The Potions Master, © Keith Johnson The Midnight Duel, © Keith Johnson Hallowe'en, © Keith Johnson

Philosopher's Stone COVER concept, © Keith Johnson
The Boy Who Lived, © Keith Johnson
The Vanishing Glass, © Keith Johnson
The Letters From No One, © Keith Johnson
The Keeper of the Keys, © Keith Johnson
Diagon Alley, © Keith Johnson
The Journey From Platform Nine and Three Quarters, © Keith Johnson
The Sorting Hat, © Keith Johnson
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