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The Artists.

Jeannine Delleré, alias Firebolt

Location: Bonn, Germany.
Education: I didn't exactly learn it - it was kind of there. But I advanced my drawing style during the last 5 years. I am now constantly drawing for grimmauldplace in my freetime and there is still so much to come ...
Specialities: Graphic design and illustration.
Medium: Mostly pencil and ink, but also crayon and watercolor. I prefer to add color at the computer (especially for my HP fan art).
Published: Some of my pictures where used for brochures and posters due to my job as a graphic designer.
Copyright: Avatars are fine with me, but any other form of puplication whether on private sites or commercial is not allowed without my permission. And please credit my work.

E-mail: mylovelyfirebolt * aol dot com
Websites: WEB LINKwww.grimmauldplace.replicantnet.co.uk and WEB LINKwww.dellere.com

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The Burrow, copyright Jeannine Dellere.
Firenze, copyright Jeannine Dellere.
Professor Sprout, copyright Jeannine Dellere.
Diagon Alley, copyright Jeannine Dellere.
The Wedding, copyright Jeannine Dellere.
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