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The Artists.

Hala Zabaneh

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Education: I just buckled down one day and started working on it on my own. It's in my blood. Both my parents and all my siblings have artistic talent, though I am the only one who went so far to want it as a career. I'm currently enrolled at The University of Lethbridge in the New Media BFA.
Specialities: I am a conceptual artist.
Medium: Mostly pencil and coloring in Adobe Photoshop, but I also use crayons, pencil crayons, water colors, charcoal, and dry pastels.
Projects: I accept commission work; right now I am making a map for a writer who is going to send his story soon to the publishers.
Copyright: You may use my artwork for avatars; all other uses require my permission.

E-mail: hala.zabaneh * uleth dot ca
Website: WEB LINK http://Primehunter.deviantart.com

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Platform 9 3/4
The Duel with Draco, copyright Hala Zabaneh.
Harry in the Cupboard, copyright Hala Zabaneh.
Luna, copyright Hala Zabaneh.
Ron, copyright Hala Zabaneh.
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