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The Artists.

Edgar Torné

Location: Barcelona, Spain.
Education: I started drawing when I was a baby, and my mother used to give me a ballpoint pen and a paper when it was time to eat, because that was the only way she could feed me.
Specialities: I normally draw in a comic style. People or animals, mostly. I hate landscapes.
Medium: I draw everything by hand, and paint them and add effects with Photoshop.
Copyrights: Fans may use my artwork for avatars without asking; all other uses require my permission. It's nice when a teacher sends you an e-mail telling you she wants to use one of your drawings in her classes.

E-mail: edgar_1975 * yahoo dot com
Website: WEB LINKhttp://www.the-pensieve.org/artists/edgar/

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Hogwarts Ghosts, copyright Edgar Torne
Tom Marvolo Riddle, copyright Edgar Torne
Merfolk, copyright Edgar Torne.
Hamish McFarlane, copyright Edgar Torne.
Mountain Troll, copyright Edgar Torne
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