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The Artists.

Cassie Songer

Location: Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.
Education: I've been through the rigamarole of high school and college, and have had the benefit of personal epiphanies in the realm of art.
Specialities: I specialize in animals of the real and fantasy realm. Dragons tend to show up a lot.
Medium: For traditional pieces, I vary between watercolor, color pencil, acrylics, and oils.
Copyright: Use as graphics or avatars are fine. Please credit me. All work is non-sellable, although prints of specific pieces may be available through me.

E-mail: songercl * bokkaku dot com
Website: WEB LINKwww.bokkaku.com and
Deviantart: WEB LINKbokkaku.deviantart.com/
Elfwood: WEB LINKhttp://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/b/o/bokkaku/bokkaku.html

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The Bad Card Game, copyright Cassie Songer.
Diricawl, copyright Cassie Songer.
Deadeye Truefight, copyright Cassie Songer.
Dragon, copyright Cassie Songer.
Thestrals, copyright Cassie Songer.
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