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The Harry Potter Lexicon website is honored to have been given permission by each of these artists or their representatives to use their work on our pages. If you are interested in finding out more about these artists or in using their artwork, please contact them. DO NOT USE ANY MATERIAL FROM THE LEXICON WITHOUT OBTAINING PERMISSION!

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Balfour, Annemarie

Chiang, Clio Clio Chiang Online Portfolio.

Cowan, Shawn

  • e-mail: dogspoon * yahoo dot com

Cronista de Salem, El

De Forest, Sloan

  • e-mail: sloandeforest * hotmail dot com

Delleré, Jeannine (Firebolt)

Dolfen, Jenny


GrandPré, Mary

  • concordance page: none, see chapter guides and book covers
  • website: WEB LINK - artist's sitewww.marygrandpre.com/
  • permission: permission to use any graphics from the Harry Potter books must be obtained from Warner Bros. Rights and Permissions.

Haines, Bridget

Jäntti, Riikka

Johnson, Keith

Juan, Edward

Larkin, Jen

  • e-mail: nikral1975 * yahoo dot com

Makani WEB LINK - artist's siteAccio Brain: artwork by Makani

Matteucci, Agata

Möller, Maria

Phénix and Lord Voldemort

Raintree, Tealin

Rourke, Lisa M.

Scharlach, Red WEB LINK - artist's siteOH NO, IT'S ART BY RED SCHARLACH!

Siemens, Christoph

  • e-mail: voldemort66 * hotmail dot com

Songer, Cassie

T., Marta WEB LINK - artist's siteLogo for Art Dungeon.

  • concordance page: none, see chapter guides
  • website: WEB LINK - artist's site www.artdungeon.net
  • e-mail: artdungeon * yahoo dot co dot uk

Tall Terror

  • e-mail: tall_terror * hotmail dot com

Theilig, Sebastian WEB LINK - artist's siteSebastian's Gallery

Toombs, Matthew

Torné, Edgar

Wack, Alice

West, Angela

Xntric, Vic

Zabaneh, Hala

Artists we have lost contact with:

Arbacette, F.W.
Dark Ra
Dreslough, Dee (concordance page)
Faiz MCM
Hately, Shaun
Jackson, John
Nik the Hermit (with special thanks to Hufflepuff Mel)
Ortiz, James

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