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About the Deathly Hallows icon

Book seven has been released. We now know everything...or we know almost everything. We realize that Jo will keep giving us hints and clues and new information through her website or in interviews. But basically, we have now read the whole saga, the entire tale, and as a result many things have been tied together for us. So we here at the Lexicon have begun a major site revision. It's our goal to edit and update and revise every page of the site to incorporate the new information and the new understanding we have at the end of book seven.

We know that you're eager to read a complete and updated Lexicon. We know that you wonder why some things aren't updated yet and if we're all taking some months off or something. We're not, we assure you. We're here, working like house-elves (sorry, Hermione).

The Deathly Hallows icon, updated for book seven, will appear at the top of every page that we've edited. You will be able to tell where we've been. This will be helpful too if you find two pages that give conflicting information. Take a look at the top of the page and if one has been updated and the other hasn't, you'll know that the updated page is the more accurate.

Please understand that this process is going to take a long, long time. The Lexicon is huge, a lot bigger than even we realize sometimes. There are a lot of pages to edit. We're going to be just starting at the top and working our way through. We've already updated some very important pages and sections, like the Spell Encyclopedia. As for the rest, well, we'll just keep working away at it.

Thanks for your patience and your support. If you see a page that we've put the 'updated for book seven' icon on but which still needs some updating, feel free to let us know. We really do appreciate your input.


Steve Vander Ark
editor-in-chief, The Harry Potter Lexicon



Primary editor: Steve Vander Ark.
Original page date 6 October, 2007; Last page update 8 September 2008 SVA.