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2006 Lexicon Year in Review

"Another year gone! ... What a year it has been!"
     -- Albus Dumbledore (PS17)

At the end of 2005 Paula joined our staff and tackled the backlog of essays.  She posted a flurry of them in January and February and MANY over the course of the year, usually a couple per month.

January 28, 2006
BFT closeup of Draco We got our first look at the New Black family tree. Much excitement!

February 12, 2006
Italian newspaper La Repubblica publishes a picture of the Black family tree which gives us confirmation of the HPL timeline with Draco's birthdate.

Feb 17, 2006
John announced the debut of the Lexicon's newest section: the Gazetteer.

February 20, 2006
We published a detailed report of the Black Family Tree, thanks to Aberforth!
New Black family page is created.

Knight Bus tour guide icon

March 3, 2006
Clint announced our new Knight Bus Tours of the Lexicon.

March 9, 2006
JKR.com added new scrapbook extras; Belinda expanded the Guide to Jo's website; new canon information and some non-canon early drafts were incorporated around the Lexicon.

March 20, 2006
Lisa added artists and art around the Lexicon.

April 2, 2006
Steve and Belinda posted commentary and guide to the W.O.M.B.A.T. 1 test (from the March 31, 2006- fifth door opening on JKR.com).

April 6, 2006
We were asked to remove the archive of the test (door openings) from the Lexicon (the past door files debuted July 4th 2005).

April 16, 2006
Lexicon essay, The List:  Book 7 loose ends, posted.


April 25, 2006
New Pensieve feature added to selected Lexicon pages.

April- June
Paula posted over a dozen essays.

July 27-30, 2006
Lumos took place in LasVegas, Steve was a special guest speaker/presenter.  The Lexicon staff hosted a TLC vs. MN trivia challenge for the LeakyMug. 

August 1, 2006
Harry, Carrie and Garp in NYC. Steve attended. Transcripts and canon added through August.

August 10, 2006
All new What's New page debuted with RSS feed and blog features.

August 28, 2006
Steve posts a revision of our explainer for the birthyear of Snape, Lily and the Marauders concluding it to be c.1959.

August 29, 2006
John announced the Gazetteer is complete.

September 1, 2006
The Non-wizards characters page was split into new Beasts and Beings pages.

Snapshot of timeline

September 8, 2006
New and amazingly improved Timeline debuted! (thanks to Clint and John)

September 23, 2006
Steve visited the ‘magic factory’, Leavesden Studios, outside London, at the invitation of Warner Bros. to tour the sets while the fifth Harry Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, was in production.

October 1, 2006
Staff WOMBAT 2 Commentary (September 29, 2006 -sixth Door opening on JKR.com) is posted.

October 22, 2006
Lisa created ten new character pages including Griselda Marchbanks, Olympe Maxime, Madam Rosmerta, and Newt Scamander.

October- November, 2006
John researched and posted several pages including Brooms, Owls and Communication

November 3, 2006
Canon Fodder feature debuted: Belinda updated Wizard Currency Converter.

November 24, 2006
Steve shares his “Order of the Phoenix” Set Visit Report…almost!

present from Jo -the title of Book7

December 21, 2006
Book 7 title revealed on JKR.com : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The year ends with an unprecedented level of excitement and anticipation as we look to the year ahead and the magic it is sure to hold.